From the first kiss, the American Pit Bull Terrier will steal your Heart!

Johnathen K. Victorino - Union Iron Worker JIW General Forman
UKC Weight Pull Judge # 6485
 Madelyn K. Victorino - Union Iron Worker JIW Welder Fabricator
UKC Weight Pull Judge #6488
Member of the UKC National American Pit Bull Terrier Association
Member of the ADBA Evergreen State American Pit Bull Club

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We have the breed APBT standard for both UKC and ADBA for you to see. We also have the AKC and UKC SBT breed standard as well for you to check out.
Our favorite page is our Produced page were you can click on each dogs photo and go to a page we made just for that dog.
Not just a few pictures but a page dedicated to the dogs we produced. We have done the same with the weight pull page. Photos of Victorino dog's working hard, check it out. If you are interested you can check to see if we have pups on our puppy page.
Our agility and obedience page is next. Dogs of the past is were you'll see young photos of us, with wonderful hair styles,
The 70's were good to us.

History, the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the
past to the present and even into the future!
Edith Victorino our daughter born in 1977 to our grandson Edith's son Tyler James, have lived their lives around Pit Bulls.
Yes, Victorino's have a long history with this great breed of dog
And we aim to pass it on to the future!
When you are ready for that one true Working American Pit Bull Terrier
With Drive, Heart and the Looks to match, call us!
This little 42lb bitch waged her tail on and off the track every time this day!

~ Harry S. Truman ~
“Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything.”
  • Victorino's Kennel has produced some of the finest dogs on the West Coast. Not just Conformation Champions and Grand Champions but total well-rounded American Pit Bull Terriers.
  • We are here to better the breed. Through Selective Breeding, breeding only dogs that have Good Conformation, Temperaments and High Drive. We also better the breed by being there whenever someone has any questions that we might be able to answer. Yes Education is KEY! Just breeding and selling these dogs will not better the breed. A breeder must screen prospective buyers for, loving homes that will be willing to dedicate themselves to the breed. Even if it is only as a pet.
  • Fighting against breed specific legislation is very important and is a must for all owners of American Pit Bull Terriers. The Victorino's truly believe we must first start in our own yards by helping our own dogs to gain the respect of outsiders. The more the general public sees them perform along side other breeds, the easier it will be to bring the American Pit Bull Terrier back to Americas #1 dog!
  • We are proud in knowing some of our dogs and off springs have stood next to the best dogs in the show ring and have won, plus take high in trail in obedience, get qualifying scores in agility, and take home Most Weight Pulled and Pound Per Pound in weight pull. There is a certain fulfillment in knowing your dogs are more then just Conformation Champions.
  • Victorino's Kennel takes total satisfaction in owning complete TOTAL DOGS. The American Pit Bull Terrier Breed was built to perform, conformation, obedience, agility, and weight pull. What good is a dog if he can't pull his own weight?
  • Victorino's Kennel, takes deep pride in the dogs that we produce. We have top quality conformation, temperament and outstanding working instinct bred into our dogs. Our dogs carry our last name as their first name and placing your name on something takes pride. We stand behind our name and we stand behind our dogs!
  • We are proud to be able to give back to our community by giving to the Seattle's Children Hospital.
    Non refundable deposits placed on our puppies are donated for the health of our children in the community.
    A child should not suffer or be in pain, a child should be happy and carefree.

    Do your part donate today
    We are both Union Iron workers, as is our son ,
    Our income comes from full time jobs not dogs we sell.
    We make an excellent income and we feel, we have the very best career.
    We are proud to be Building America,
    Building one Narrows Bridge, Hi-raise, Collage , School, or one Hospital at a time....

    We do more then donate money!

    Over 3000 Union Iron Workers strong here in Washington
    Proud Men and Women that risk there life's every day to build you a better tomorrow.
    Here is to our Children, Our future, We will help to build you have a better tomorrow!
    One Bridge or Building at a time ... Madelyn Victorino JIW


    Victorino's Kennel

    " A Dog's Prayer"
    Treat me Kindly my beloved friend , for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of mine. Do not break my spirit with a stick , for though I should lick your hand between blows , your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me learn.
    Speak to me often , for your voice is the worlds sweetest music as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when the sound of your footsteps falls upon my ears.
    Please take me inside when it is cold and wet for I am a domesticated animal no longer accustomed to bitter elements and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet.
    Keep my pan filled with fresh water , for I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst .
    Feed me clean food , that I may stay well to romp and play and do your bidding ,
    to walk by your side and stand ready and able to protect you with my life , should yours be in danger.
    And my best friend , when I am old and deprived of my health and sight , do not turn me away from you , rather see that my trusted life is taken gently , and I shall leave knowing with my last breath I draw , that my fate was always safest in your hands.
    " UNKNOWN"

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