Craig and Niki Huitson thanks so much for the pictures of Blaze, She looks just like her momma Tequila.
We hope you have enjoyed her as a wonderful companion for your family. All the titles and trophies don't mean a hill of beans if the dog is not a good companion and family member.
Best wishes for the future!
CH Victorino's Wow Blaze of Glory, taking another Champion of Champion cup
Photo with honorable ADBA Judge Harry George of Ohio and Owner Niki Huitson
June 26th 2005 British Columbia
Photo provided by: Stacey Sheaves
We would like to thank Craig and Niki for the wonderful Job of promoting Blaze over the years!
I'm so glad Blaze has done so very well for you and I'm very thankful for owners like you both.
Special thanks for the Champion of Champion cup you gave our son John!
The dog belongs to you and her wins should be in your home, But I thank you for sharing.
The cup was an out standing gift, a gift from the heart! That will be held in high regards.
Photo provided by: Stacey Sheaves
Photo provided by: Stacey Sheaves

Blaze at the APBT Assoc. of British Columbia, handled by Craig Huitson.
Blaze takes Best of Puppy and Best of Show on 6/22/02
 The Victorino's Kennel sends a warm
Thank you to
Honorable Judge Joe Burford

ADBA breed standard has not ever change and has stayed true to the breed.
ADBA Speaks of Type! What a great way to Judge an APBT
Honorable Judge and ADBA Co-Owner

Amy (Greenwood) Burford Awards
Victorino's Wow Blaze Of Glory Best Puppy at ADBA Assoc. of British Columbia
The Victorino's Kennel is extremely honored with the wins, Thank you!

Click to Enlarge Puppy picks of Blaze
From a puppy to an adult Victorino's WOW Blaze of Glory is making her mark on the ADBA show world.
The ADBA looks for what they call "BREED TYPE" they are
Common Traits & Characteristics that Distinguishes Her as an ADBA Champion.
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