Kona was only pulled in UKC for his 3 qualifying pulls to get that stupid UWP, so that when and if he was brought out again he would have that out of the way. The first pull weekend he came out to play (after only three days of work) he made his first 100 points fast by taking most weight pulled and most weight per body pound UKC weight pull November 2010 Kona @ 49 pounds working his ass off.
Making him a UKC Weight Pull Champion in one weekend
Kona has been trained and handled by Johnathen, this is a one of a kind dog.
It is so unreal to me to see Kona work out.
Kona just trys to make Johnathen happy and what ever dad wants this little boy trys so very hard to do.
July 14th & 15th 2007 ADBA Show
KONA's first WP show at 9 months and one day old.
Kona's 1st competition ~~ Lost MWPP By this much! Take a good look at where the tape is on the rail system !! That sucks!
ADBA show July 14th ... 2,280 lbs in 25.28 seconds at 57.25% Taking first place in his class.
Kona at 9 months and one day old lost by 0.25 % the MWP% trophy.
This is too close of a win for the pup, and would have made a seasoned dog go home with it's tail between his legs and the trainer pissed.
Johnathen didn't want to push Kona the fist day and knowing his dog, Johnathen knew he would be better the second day.
This track was set UP HILL 4 inches from start to finish.
The actual finish line was the nose of the cart over the gray tape, not the center of the front axle.
The Sunday show it was told to us that the weight increments would be increased, a lot more then the day before. This was voted on by the owners of bigger dogs and by the WP judge owner of the dog taking the % trophy the day before.
Guess you would do just about anything if your dog almost lost the MWP% trophy to a 9 month old puppy.
The smallest dog in the class should be able to call the weight not the bigger dogs. Giving the small dogs a chance to get their highest percentage. Then you can increase the weights.
Pulling dogs by % is the true test of a dogs strength. If your big dog truly has what it takes then you should have no fear.
To me this was a sign of weakness and fear for ones that called the shots.
Common practice for big dog owners, face it big dogs can't go the distance.

Increase weights - Low blow and a lack of sportsmanship
Johnathen has not seen these photos until I placed them on the web page on 1/16/2009 18 months later.
What a shock for him to see just how close this boy came.
This boy pulled his heart out for this man.
It was for love and the bond they have made together.
A bond a lot of pullers will NEVER experience in their whole life time of competition in weight pull.
Johnathen knows he had something for big dogs owners to fear, that in it's self was his trophy.
To up the weight increments is a big advantage for big dogs.
The true winner is the one that feels good years later !
I know Johnathen's head is held high!
His boy didn't let him down !

----- Original Message -----
Heather Heather < heather@adba.cc >
Friday, January 09, 2009 3:35 PM
Johnathen,     I'm sorry it took me a day to get back with you. I was able to locate the information for you. On July 14, 2007, Kona pulled 2,280 in 25.28 seconds and pulled 57% of his body weight. (They did not list the weights of any dogs, but if you calculate it you can figure those out.) The MWPP 55 & Under was Canuck and he pulled 57.25% of his weight, 2,290 lbs. There was no MWP trophy, as we no longer have that trophy class.     On Sunday, July 15, 2007, Kona pulled 2,440 lbs in 32.57 seconds at 61% of his body weight. The MWPP 55 & under trophy went to Canuck 3,440 lbs and 67.45% of his body weight.
I hope this information is useful.

~ July 14, 15, 2007 ~
Kona Gold came off the porch to play with the BIG DAWGS and KICKED SOME ASS.....
A long day for a 9 month old pup playing with the big dogs and keeping up all the way !
This boy made them rethink the next show!
Good thing they decided to up the weight increments on Sunday this 9 month old boy would have won the trophy !
After the % was won Johnathen reached out to shake the winners hand, The words that came out of his mouth next was the icing on the cake.
" Hay sorry man, I had to do something, I could not let your puppy beat my boy."
That was all that needed to be said to confirm the truth..... it was not to end the show early!
It was to pass up the pups top pulling percentage in a weight increment that went far beyond what he needed!
This boy is going at 110 MPH and is difficult to photograph. Many photos were blurred as he is constantly in motion.
This was late into the evening and is way after I like taking any photos. Johnathen had asked me to take some shots of him, this is his little boy.
Photos were taken on 6-3-2007.

6-4-2007 weighed in at the vet at 34.5 lbs. at 8 months
At this point he was off any kind of work out for over two weeks, because mommy said dad was pushing to hard.

Drag weight in the front pasture for a few times around, then Kona will get to play ball
Then he will go for a 3 mile walk with Johnathen.
This dog loves the time with Johnathen it is so unreal.

I just bought this horse ball for the horses in February 2007
Just a little to spendy for a pit bull to chew up.
Johnathen just gave it to Kona, well you know what will happen then.

January 10, 2007 Johnathen Took a little nap with a pup we call Kona. Kona couldn't deal with Johnathen snoring, he kept moving his head trying to get away form the sound. I almost had the ultimate photo of Kona covering his ears but we laughed so hard that Kona moved and looked up at us before I could take the shot.

Shhh ......

Dream on

Kona Gold and Fire Fox
Kona is the grate hunter, there will be Kahlua Pig for him tonight.
Fire Fox just fines herself in a stinky situation.
Seven little pups, Kona hanging with all his brothers and sisters.
All pups have homes.
Kona Gold and his littermates 6wks old
Kona Gold 4 weeks old
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