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In Hawaii, the placing of a lei over the head and around the shoulders of a person exemplifies the bestowing of honor and respect, and also the spirit of aloha. According to Hawaiian tradition, the maile was the lei for people of all classes and all occasions. The maile is a long lasting lei and probably the oldest and most popular material used in leis by the early Hawaiians. It is an open-ended horseshoe fashion lei made of the spicy scented green maile stems and leaves.

The native Hawaiian vine, with shiny fragrant leaves, is a member of the periwinkle family, and is also associated with Laka, the goddess of Hula. Maile along with other plants of the native forest were considered sacred to Laka, and were offered at her altar at hula dance practices and shows. In ancient Hawaii, the maile was also considered a peace offering in the field of battle.

The maile is most often reserved for memorable occasions. It is known to many as the "lei of royalty," given to signify respect and honor. The maile is very popular at weddings, graduations and especially proms. On the US mainland, young men usually receive a boutonniere from their prom dates. In Hawaii, they are presented with a maile lei. Wedding leis are a Hawaiian wedding tradition. The maile is the most traditional wedding lei, as it was used by the Kahuna (Hawaiian priest) in old Hawaii to bind the hands of the bride and groom, symbolizing their commitment to each other.

The maile lei can also be used for other purposes. Some people dry the lei and use it to scent their drawers, closets, tapa (bark cloth), etc. Lei stands entwine the maile lei with a variety of flowers such as pikake, ilima or mokihana berries.

The maile lei is noted for its rarity and considered by many to be the finest of all leis.
Victorino' s Maile very impressive even as a young pup.
This was a very nice litter the females 45lbs to 55lbs and the male were 50lbs. to 68lbs.
Every pup was really smart and well socialized with everything.
from car rides, crate training, house training this litter was a breeze.
I was truly impressed with the intelligence of each pup.
This was an impressive line breeding and beautiful APBT's

Maile was given a Hawaiian name like many of our dogs.
Hawaiian translation = Bestowing of honor, lei of royalty, considered a peace offering in the field of battle
English translation for Maile , a native twining shrub (Alyxia Olivaeformis) with shiny fragrant leaves, a favorite for decoration and leis.

Maile was a very smart puppy one of my favorites and I guess she was one of Tyler James favorites too.
Tyler's favorite male out of this litter was Nui Iki Iki but he could not decide what female he liked the very best. Some days it would be Rosy the next it was Hoku-lele then you would see him with Maile.
Very playfully and willing to learn what a nice puppy!
Very few of our puppy pictures get posted to the web site even though many are taken.
It's not for any reason other then the need to keep pages average size.

Maile is a beautiful female that was sold on our standard sale.
The pups we produce here are all photographed many times before they leave our home.
Many are DNA profiled by us as pups and some are Tattooed with a number that
tells us what sire, dame, and DOB. Some are microchiped, with us as breeders to be notified.
Each pup born here is on file with us, any and all email correspondence by owner is placed in there file.
We get yearly photos from some owners and that is also placed in their files.
Records of the dogs we produce is an important part of keeping the dog we brought into the world safe and with a loving family.
Photos DNA and Tattoo's brought Maile back home to us on July 25th 2006 from her first owner.
No breeder can pick a good quality owner every time! And any breeder that says they do, is not telling the truth.
A tree full of delicious Apples will away's have a bad apple on the tree. You may not even know it's bad until you bite into it.
By the time you bite in, it's too late.

Maile's first owner, was not very nice... We trusted that Maile, would be in a forever home with love.
Instead the first owner bred her on her first heat at 9months old, and after the pups were weaned
she went for a ride to the Humane Society.
He only wanted pups from his unregistered blue merle male he raised.
He just dropped her off at Bellevue Humane Society to be destroyed.
"They judge of things according to their own private appetites and selfish passions." Cudworth.
"In that throng of selfish hearts untrue." Keble.

We are very please to say Maile has a forever home with my niece and her family, where she will be loved and cared for.
Maile is a very happy dog and loves people, willing to please anyone.
Intelligent loyal and a wonderful companion for the family.
We are very please to be able to give a wonderful dog like maile to our family.

A dog comes into our lives for a short time and the short time the dog has with us should be filled with love and good memories.
Thanks Don & Donna, for opening your home to an older dog with so much love and joy to still give a family.
Our best the Victorino's

Maile in her new forever home ..
Where she can lay around fetch and play with kids too.
The good life... a dogs life