Micah's not to happy with the new look Joy gave her!
Below photos of Micah when she still had her ears
" Victorino's Micah "
Play Time !
Play time at the Veland home
Micah at her new home with someone new to play with
Oh what fun it is to ride !
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Victorino's Micah

I have owned many different breeds{ shelties, dobies, basenjis, pitbulls, greyhound.
Some of these were adopted as adults and others I raised from puppies there are no "bad breeds".
A dog's manners and attitude is a reflection of time spent in training and social/psychological nurture by the owner !
I currently have 7 pitbulls and a Beauceron. To have the government make me destroy my dogs when they and I have done no wrong is communistic, Set up laws that pose real punishment for the demented individuals who instill blind rage into any dog through abuse, inbreeding, training for human aggressiveness without true knowledge such as a professional trains personal protection dogs. Double the punishment when a dog that has been documented for threatening behavior finds it's way to freedom and terrorizes/ mauls/ kills people or pets. Even if pitbulls were by nature -m vicious- there are thousands of them in residential homes that are responsibly contained and trained. Otherwise there would be thousands of mauled/ killed people and pets every day. It is not the breed- but the few who shouldn't own any dog stronger than a poodle who pose a threat to the general public. Have laws that make them pay for the consequences of the dogs they created into monsters
ďA dogs attitude and behavior reflects the attitude and behavior of it's owner & how it was treated. "
Joy Veland

Micah's owner, Joy Veland and her loyal dog Rowdy that passed in August 2003
It would not take much at all to get this female ready for the ADBA conformation Ring !
Little time and very little effort she has the makings of a true ADBA champion.
Impressive and muscular true of the Victorino line

We were sorry to hear that Micah has not been working out for Joy the way she planed.
Even with a standard sale we were in hopes for Joy to have an ADBA champion in her yard.
In January 2006 Joy bred Micah to keep Victorino's Image of Rebel Jo blood line
 Joy e-mailed us to let us know Micah was going to be sold.

Joy said "The new owner is a very conscientious person and Micah is in good hands.
Micah can act like the diva she is, and no one cares."
Joy, will be sending us the new owners information to update Micah's page
We will add Micha's new owner information as soon as we know who.

Amy Marty, is teaching Micah 
drug and bomb detection. 
Amy, say's she is great at it.
We hope she is doing grate for your family.

Could use an update!

Victorino's Micah
Bred by : Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Dam: ADBA pointed Victorino's WOW Desert Kitten
Owner: Joy Veland
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