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Has some Victorino Bred Dogs.
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Has a Victorino Bred Dog
Has some Victorino Bred Dogs
Has some Victorino bred Dogs
American Kennel Club
Victorino's members sense 1998
The Western Canadian A.P.B.T Club
Victorino's members sense 1998
Victorino's members sense 1998
AKC Staffordshire Bull Terrier's Coal & Mandy
American Pit Bull Terrier UKC Club Links
Victorino's are members in good standing sense Nov-1996
Links for American Pit Bull Terrier Books
Has Victorino bred Dogs
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Victorino's are members in good standing sense 1999
This Banner was designed by Madelyn Victorino
This Banner was designed by Madelyn Victorino
This Banner was designed by Madelyn Victorino

Washington State
The Victorino Kennel has used Dalene McIntire's obedience classes in the pass. When asked who we would recommend for training we send them there. We don't believe in bait training there is a time for treats, training is not that time.
In case of an emergency to get your dog to stop on command before he crosses a busy intersection, you shouldn't have to worry about having a treat in your pocket. Normal daily life you may not have a treat, will he stop with out one.
Baiting is a treat Treats are for Tricks.
Tricks are sitting pretty, speaking, rolling over, biscuits on the nose catch, and any trick your dog can do...
You don't give your child a piece of candy every time they listen to you.
Obedience can save your dogs life!

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy and yourself. Obedience training doesn't solve all behavior problems, but it is the foundation for solving just about any problem. Whatever the age of your dog, the right time to begin training is right now! Obedience training should be fun and rewarding for you and your dog. It can enrich your relationship and make living together more enjoyable. Enroll in a local dog obedience training class to learn the basics. Then most teaching and training can and should be done in your home.
If your dog is an obedient dog people will talk about how well your dog minds.
Most everyone loves dogs and a well behaved dog is greatly appreciated.
The bases for any activity you can do with your dog, weight pull, Agility, conformation, a simple walk in the park or a good household pet.

Starts with basic obedience!

A well made harness could be the difference between
a most weight pull per body pound trophy or a second place flat red ribbon.
A well made harness is just as important to your dogs performance,
as a top quality pair of running shoes are to a marathon runner
Valerie Pilts is well known in UKC for her outstanding photography work.
Her photos are everywhere, from action shots of agility and weight pull
to the stunning conformation shots. Check out her site send Her an E-mail
Let her know the V's Sent you
Has a Victorino Bred Dog.
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Has lines off the Victorino Dogs
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When friends gather and share a common interest they talk about their goals, share knowledge, speak openly about fears, and are there to rejoice with others that take the blue...the word club never enters our mind. When we open our hearts to share and care for one another and help work for something we all love, a great club is formed.
Memories to Treasure
Madelyn Victorino
Has some Victorino Bred Dogs.
This Banner was designed by Madelyn Victorino
Pet Supplies and Good stuff for our babies!
Horses, birds, cats, pit bulls, and a staffy bull !
The places were the Victorino's shop
Reber Ranch is not your average feed store!
Victorino's feed Purina brand products to all of our dog's
And they win in Weight pull and in Conformation
As a young girl my parents always used Purina dog and cat food for our pets. We had dogs and cats with beautiful coats and we were always complemented on their looks.
So Purina is a part of my life I have chosen to keep. For my Horses dogs cats and any others animals the kids bring home. Victorino's Kennel only feeds Purina brand food.
You can try all the others you want to. We will keep feeding what we know works well for our dogs. We have watched other dog owners use other brands but they always return to the one we recommenced to them as they left our Kennel. Our dogs are not guinea pigs! We leave the testing of dog food to others!
Every dog we personally have Grand Championed and placed a weight pull title on, has been fed nothing more then Purina ! Purina must be doing something right!
This Banner was designed by Madelyn Victorino
This Banner was designed by Madelyn Victorino
Looking for quality Beagles Highly Recommend by the Victorino's
As a Very happy Owner and Breeder of some of the most fantastic American Pit Bull Terriers ever seen. We have our share of beautiful trophies ribbons and plaques. They are a special keep sake long after your companion passes on. They hold a memory of what your dog and you have accomplished. We have recommend West Coast Awards to the UKC Cascade APBT Club and to the ADBA Evergreen State APBT club. And anyone seeking awards for their clubs. West Coast Awards have been around many years and should them self's be awarded for a fantastic job. They work hard to get you just what you are looking for.
Custom Screen Printing, Promotional Items, Sport Medals, Acrylic "Cracked Ice" Awards, School Plaques, and Trophies
Above is one weekend at the 2001 National show
Hosted by the Cascade American Pit Bull Terrier Club
10/5/01 Best of Winners
Thank you honorable Judge Dennis Blickenstaff,
10/6/01 Best of Winners
Thank you honorable Judge Ronald Gaither
10/7/01 Best of Winners
Thank you honorable Judge Olan Nickols

A Champion in one weekend Bred by Victorino's Kennel "Victorino's Iz"