Here are Some of the APBT's that we have produced here at Victorino's Kennel.
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Last Updated on March 2016
APBT Dogs we produced in April 2009

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In 1996...when looking at the web we noticed 100's of pit bull web-sites ...way too many.
Ones with titles and maybe puppy picks of the litters for sale. Some really over done dogs out there, so please be careful of pups that will end up being a vets worst nightmare.
Titles - don't get us wrong titles are good, it shows us your doing something with your dog. But lets face, just about any dog can get a title. In conformation it's just the best looking dog in the ring that day or maybe the best known paid professional handler!
It is only the opinion or choice of one person that decided to get there judging licence standing in the middle of the ring.
More shows attended the more titles can be earned weather it's obedience agility weight pull or others dog sports.
That's not all we wanted to see in a good APBT!
Yes, we want to see a good looking sire and dam and want to see what type of APBT's the kennel has already produced.
"Type" Structure, head, chest, straight legs and the working ability. Personally we have seen to many that, when they don't win with a line of APBT's they simply change to a different line or color that is winning instead of simply breeding two quality dogs that complement each other. As for the kennels and breeders that show along side of us we can clearly see in the ring what types of dogs they are producing. Over the years we have noticed more and more Pit Bulls in the show ring with their tails tucked, shy and not the right body structure a pit bull should have. We are not into the American Staffordshire/Pit bull cross and you will not find a blue dog in our yard.
If we decide to have Am Staffs they will remain just that and stay true with OUT our ADBA APBT line crossing.
Some may have our dogs and have crossed them with the Am staff Pit bull cross But we do not.
Any kennel should be producing better looking dogs then the sire and dam they used.
Plain and Simple, If not Don't go there!
Although there is no weight limit in some of the registry's .....lets be real.
Your APBT should not be a 110 to 130 pounds. Bigger is not better and is not what anyone should be breeding for!
Your APBT should not have extra skin as a Shar Pei or Mastiff, It should have a clean look!
Before purchasing any breed of dog check the standards of that breed by simply going to AKC, UKC or ADBA kennel Club web sites.
And if anyone pulls the rare color trick please don't fall for it, Blue is not rare, some deem it as an undesirable color in the show ring.
More then 80% white APBT's, well some hardcore breeders would cull before anyone finds out.

With the owners of our produced dogs help, we hope to bring you outstanding photos for your enjoyment.
The Victorino's do not own all the dogs on this page but have produced them. Dogs off similar lines and heavy back grounds of Victorino bred dogs will most likely be on our Friends page, not to take away any credit from other breeders.
In our opinion There is no other breed of canine that looks as grate as a well bred well maintained American Pit Bull Terrier.
The muscle tone and definition of a well bred APBT stands alone
An APBT should come off the couch ripped with muscle tone and very little effort on your part to keep them that way.
Face it, It is Genetics!

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APBT we produced in 2013

Colt 45
Son of Jesse James