Sire: UKC United Weight Pull Champion of Excellent CGC
ADBA Weight Pull ACE

'PR' Victorino's Iz

ADBA Champion, ADBA Weight Pull ACE,
UKC United Weight Pull Champion of Excellent
"PR' Victorino's Tequila Sunrise

Breeder: Victorino's Kennel
Owners: Victorino's Kennel
After the bath both dogs drying off next to the fire place.
Pebbles is really good with all her training. She was so easy to house brake it was unreal. Crate training has been really a breeze. Learning her corner next to the fire place may take a little more time, but we are getting house rules down very well.
Both Mandy our Staffy Bull and Pebbles our APBT get along very well.
Pebbles, the only pup from Iz and Tequila born on 7/28/2008
Photo taken before the ear crop.
At 12 weeks old here all shots and ready for the ear crop
Mandy and Pebbles
Dry and ready for puppy games,
Oh no!
Mandy is loose that is just not fare.
Pebbles is not going for the fact that Mandy is loose and she is not!
Too cute !!

Pebbles Dam and Sire
Victorino's Tequila Sunrise
Being the Hot little pit she is Tequila was named after a
Favorite drink made with tequila the hot is the sunrise.
~ Keeping the Tequila ~

Victorino's Iz
The grate legendary Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
( ka-MAK-a-vi-vo'-O-lay)
Johnathen and his family being from hawaii, it is easy to understand why we have a lot of our dogs carrie hawaiian names.
~ Just a Pebble of hawaii ~

Keeping the Tequila in the drink adding the Beautiful Pebble Beach in Hawaii

The Drink Fruity Pebbles
1 1/2 ounces Kahlua
1 1/2 ounces Vodka
1 1/2 ounces Tequila (Rose)

Shake together ingredients with moderate crushed ice and pour into cocktail glass.

Fruity Pebbles recipe:

A delicious recipe for Fruity Pebbles, with vodka, Tequila, orange juice, strawberry daiquiri mix and Sprite

orange juice
strawberry daiquiri mix
Sprite & soda

Mix all the ingredients to taste in any kind of container.

Hawaii's Pebble Beach