"Victorino's Sassy"
Arther's pick of the litter, A really Nice female with attitude!
Sassy Yep! you named her right, she is just a bit sassy! Barking and running around the house as if she was the only pup that lived here.
Total attitude with class!

Arther keep up the hard work it will soon pay off, you will soon have a crate trained puppy before long.
All the pups are very smart but still very young.
Just have patients and remember she is a baby.
Make sure there is allot of play time giving her a reason and a place in your home. It is easier to train one then three or more. Spending time with you will help her to understand what is expected of her.

From 8 to 10 weeks of age we start to crate train any remaining pups, here at our home. In small puppy crates and near a outside door. It is important for them to learn where to go.
We have done this for many pups until quality homes are found for each.
Not all will find homes at 8 weeks of age.
As responsible breeders , we in good conscious can't just place an APBT' pup with who ever wants one.
Thus making the breeder responsible for training and caring for the pups as they grow. Most don't understand the work involved with bringing up a litter and some don't care.

One self proclaimed breeder told us to drop the price and just get rid of them fast. That very same person sold a dog for $60.00 the price of shots and registration. I know that breeder has no idea where those dogs are today and could care less.
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