ADBA Champion, ADBA Weight pull ACE
UKC United Weight Pull Champion of Excellent
'PR' Victorino's Tequila Sunrise

AKC Canine Good Citizen
Breeder/Owner; John Victorino

Sire: ACE UWPS UWPCHX UCD GRCH Victorino's Image of Rebel Jo CGC TT TC DNA-P
DAM CH 'PR' Victorino's Bright Star Light CGC TT TC OFA OFEL DNA-P
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Updated September 19, 2005

Tequila is a powerhouse with unbelievable drive. Her second time on the weight pull cart she pulled 1200 pounds on the Beaver State Clubs Track. This Track is known as a very hard track.

"I knew from the beginning that this was my dog, and I wouldn't take the world for her or her mother. They are my girls."
(Owner John Victorino)
Tequila takes Best of Opposite under Judge Rich Issel, at the APBT Association of B.C. Handled for us by Michelle Wines.
Sire: ACE (ADBA) UWPS UWPCHX UCD GR CH Victorino's Image of Rebel Jo CGC TT DNA-P, Rebel weighs in at 87-91 pounds
Pictured here at 91 lbs
Dam: CH PR Victorino's Bright Star Light, Star weighs in at 68-73 pounds.
Pictured here at 68 lbs
We would also like to congratulate Rich Issel, for being American Dog
Breeders Association Most Requested Judge for the year of 2001


Tequila Sunrise, ranked Number #3 for 2004 in the APBT Weight Pull All Stars for UKC
Tequila's average weight is 45lbs
At the 2003 Western Canadian Club Tequila took Most Weight Pulled Per Pound both days

Trained by John Victorino, Tequila has lined the walls with Most Weight Pull per Body Pound trophies and ribbons. Tequila is a proven producer of weight pull and conformation titled dogs.

We don't have time to worry about the competition , we let the competition worry about us
Life is too short to worry about others.
We don't have time for cheaters to the rules!

Tequila's first time on a track ADBA Fun show
Between 38 and 45 lbs but with the heart of any BIG dog
Tequila is one hell of a pulling dog, working hard at every pull to please John.She has competed with and pulled away from dogs much younger then her. Tequila may not win every Most weight pulled per pound, but she gives them something to think about each time. Some may forget she is their competition and start counting their chickens before there hatched, we have seen it to many times. Tequila will just be waiting to show off her age in style, she has more heart than any other dog on the track. Tequila was born in 1999 and stated weight pulling at the age of three really late in her life. But she loves to please John and that is really what drives her.We never work our dogs on a daily schedule because they are our companions not just dogs to win each time with. We hate seeing dogs drug to the cart and or carried to the cart just to fulfil their owners ignorant ego.The dog should walk to the cart and should never give the image of being scared, timid or shy of the weight pull cart as if something bad happens there.
Victorino's Tequila Sunrise ~ Born in the USA 1999
Work Baby Girl... Work!!!
All Heart at 6 years old
All the dogs here at our home have obedience training ...
Obedience is the bases to any activity you will ever want to do with you dog.
Agility, Weight pull, Conformation or just a well mannered dog for a family pet.
Depending on YOU.... is how smart or dumb your dog will be!
You need a solid bases of Obedience!
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