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Sure Shot's Black Diamond
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Pointed in AKC & Champion & Weight pull champion in UKC
Breeder: Karyn M. Dawes & Loretta Drown
Sire: Eng. Am. CH Rellim Task Force of Nozac

Dam: CH Sonshine's Fly By Night CD OA OAJ
Page last updated on 10/12/2007

Karyn Dawes & Coal at an AKC Show, Eugene Oregon September 2003

Winners Dog
From the first time that Madelyn was introduced to Karyn, she knew that some day she wanted to own one of the Staffy's that Karyn produced. I remember coming away from that meeting with Madelyn saying "John, Karyn, has the nicest Staffy Bulls I have ever seen. When I decide to get one it will be from Karyn."
"Johnathen Victorino"

Karyn Dawes RIP
Thank you, and we all miss you
The Victorino Family

Here is Coal's Sire:
Eng. Am. Ch. Rellim Task Force of Nozac
Comes to America with a remarkable English show record
Multiple BOBs Against entries of 100 or more
Multiple BIS at SBT club Open Shows
One Reserve BIS All- Breed
One BIS All- Breed
Winner of the 1988 English NAT 'L Terrier Championship
Owned & Handled by Denise Eltinge
Photo by Steve Eltinge
Here is Coal's Dam:
Am; Int'l; & UKC UAGI UCD Ch. Sonshine's Fly By Night CD, NA
Multiple BOB Winner
Championship in three venues
Obedience Agility and Fly ball titles
Breeder Loretta Drown, Owned & Handled by Karyn Dawes

Coal is the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier we have owned .
He has brought a lot of love and happiness to our lives.
He is like having double the Tenacity and Drive as any American Pit Bull with half the size. Highly Concentrated !
Strong, Courageous, and a very Confident

Coal, is well balanced and agile.
This little guy has some high jumps and is always ready to go play!
What a show off!
He knows, you are watching him.
He 's grabs your Attention!
He knows he is just that good!
Oh did I forget to mention he is totally Spoiled Rotten!
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an intelligent and active little dog, which gets on well with children and adults alike. They can be quite vocal, so they must be taught when to stop. They should be socialized, especially with other household pets, and training started at an early age. Staffies are hardy dogs full of stamina, not quick to pick a fight, but more than able to defend themselves if necessary. They are affectionate dogs, much preferring human company to that of other dogs, this can be seen more in the adult dog than the puppy. They can, and some do, retain their puppy character throughout their lives, making them quite a handful. With their great sense of humor, intelligence and the fact they are boisterous life is never dull with a Staffie around. They can be very destructive if they are left alone at home for long periods of time.

Sure Shot's Black Diamond "Coal" has been doing light work on both drag weight and rail system.
He was still young and I was worried about my little man. I would not let Johnathen pull anything over 950 pounds at practice.
Coal was one year on 6-21-2003, now we had to wait for his first show.
On 8-16-2003 at the UKC Cascade APBT Club, Johnathen and I decided to try this little guy.
Both thinking he would not do very well because, I wouldn't let Johnathen work him like our other pulling dogs. Both of us thought he would run off the track, pull out of the harness or just lay down and do the Staffy cry!
We both learned something about our Little Staffy that day! He pulled his heart out for us, just like he was a real pulling dog! He just got better and better after each pull. He loved the crowd cheering him on. You could see his attitude about the weight pull track change with every turn up to the cart.
Coal weighed in at 39lbs. that weekend.
Saturday, pulling 1,400 pounds in 00 .32.10 seconds 35.897 body percentage.
Sunday, pulling 2000 pound in 00.33.82 seconds 51.28 body percentage.
Now he has earned two qualifying pulls for UKC, and did it with ease.
This Staffy Bull is very special, and has proven to us never to underestimate, Bully power!
Madelyn Victorino

Sure Shot's Black Diamond "Coal"
UKC Wins

UKC Cascade APBT Club November 29th 2002

1st show Honorable Judge, Jane A. Collins
* Best Male Novice Puppy *
* Best of Breed Novice Puppy *
2nd show Honorable Judge, Pamela A. Moore
* Best Male Novice Puppy *
* Best of Breed Novice Puppy *

UKC Cascade APBT Club November 30th 2002
1st show Honorable Judge, Victoria E. Lovely
* Best Male Novice Puppy *
* Best of Breed Novice puppy *
This was Coals first Show !

Sure Shot's Black Diamond "Coal"
UKC Wins

UKC Cascade APBT Club February 8th 2003

1st show Honorable Judge, June E. Pasco
* Class Male Puppy *
* Best Male *
2st show Honorable Judge, Walter V. Pasco

* Class Male Puppy *
* Best Male *

UKC Cascade APBT Club February 9th 2003
1st show Honorable Judge, Virginia Pearson
* Class Male Puppy *
* Best Male

* Best of Winners *
* Best of Breed
*Taking 3rd in Terrier Group *
This was Coal's Second Show!

NOVEMBER 28th 29th 30th 2002
Sure Shot's Black Diamond "Coal"

Coal weighted in at 39 lbs.
On 11/28/02 Coal, pulled 230 lbs. 5.89 x BW
taking 2nd place
On 11/29/02 Coal, pulled 350 lbs. 8.97 x BW taking 4th place
On 11/30/02 Coal, pulled 350 lbs. 8.97 x BW taking 4th place
Coal has earned his United Weight Pull Title with UKC
Coal has earned points for 11/29/02 & 11/30/02 towards his Championship in UKC Weight Pull
Thank you UKC for approving Weight pull for the dogs

* Cascade APBT Club *
11/8/2002 & 11/9/2002

Sure Shot's Black Diamond "Coal"
UKC Wins

* Best of Breed *
Under Judges
William Orwin
Deborah Orwin
Marvin Brown

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier does everything full throttle: play, work and love. It is extremely courageous and obedient, affectionate with a sense of humor. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very people friendly. They are not particularly wary of strangers in almost all circumstances The breeds reputation with children is second to none. Adored and adoring within its own family circle. It is usually good with other pets in the household, but may be combative with dogs outside the family, especially dogs of his breed or related breeds. They are intelligent and stubborn at times but this is the appeal of this 'human' in doggy fur! The Staffordshire needs firm and consistent training. They are persistent and active. As a puppy they tend to chew a great deal so make sure you provide them with plenty of chew toys. Their powerful jaws will tear though vinyl toys to get to the squeaker in no time. This can be dangerous if the dog swallows the plastic. Be sure to only give your Staffie strong toys. Do not allow it to be off its leash unless it is safe to do so. They can be trained for agility and competitive obedience. The breed competes in agility and obedience in the UK at the highest level. Staffies love a challenge and variety. Owners need to protect these dogs from injuring themselves. Totally fearless and curious, they're liable to jump off of a deck or walk through broken glass. These dogs are not recommended for most families because they need firm, experienced handling and training.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Standard Terrier Group

General Appearance
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a smooth-coated dog. It should be of great strength for its size and, although muscular, should be active and agile.

Size, Proportion, Substance
Height at shoulder: 14 to 16 inches. Weight: Dogs, 28 to 38 pounds; bitches, 24 to 34 pounds, these heights being related to weights. Non-conformity with these limits is a fault. In proportion, the length of back, from withers to tail set, is equal to the distance from withers to ground.

Short, deep through, broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, short fore face, black nose. Pink (Dudley) nose to be considered a serious fault. Eyes --Dark preferable, but may bear some relation to coat color. Round, of medium size, and set to look straight ahead. Light eyes or pink eye rims to be considered a fault, except that where the coat surrounding the eye is white the eye rim may be pink. Ears --Rose or half-pricked and not large. Full drop or full prick to be considered a serious fault. Mouth --A bite in which the outer side of the lower incisors touches the inner side of the upper incisors. The lips should be tight and clean. The badly undershot or overshot bite is a serious fault.

Neck, Top line, Body
The neck is muscular, rather short, clean in outline and gradually widening toward the shoulders. The body is close coupled, with a level top line, wide front, deep brisket and well sprung ribs being rather light in the loins. The tail is undocked, of medium length, low set, tapering to a point and carried rather low. It should not curl much and may be likened to an old-fashioned pump handle. A tail that is too long or badly curled is a fault.

Legs straight and well boned, set rather far apart, without looseness at the shoulders and showing no weakness at the pasterns, from which point the feet turn out a little. Dew claws on the forelegs may be removed. The feet should be well padded, strong and of medium size.

The hindquarters should be well muscled, hocks let down with stifles well bent. Legs should be parallel when viewed from behind. Dew claws, if any, on the hind legs are generally removed. Feet as in front.

Smooth, short and close to the skin, not to be trimmed or de-whiskered.

Red, fawn, white, black or blue, or any of these colors with white. Any shade of brindle or any shade of brindle with white. Black-and-tan or liver color to be disqualified.

Free, powerful and agile with economy of effort. Legs moving parallel when viewed from front or rear. Discernible drive from hind legs.

From the past history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the modern dog draws its character of indomitable courage, high intelligence, and tenacity. This, coupled with its affection for its friends, and children in particular, its off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, makes it a foremost all-purpose dog.

Black-and-tan or liver color.
Champion Sure Shot's Back Diamond
This stunning boy has been a wonderful house dog and personal companion. Coal is one in a million and spoiled rotten to no end.

Isis and Coal playing in the front yard