" Victorino's APBT's 1978 "
Just a drop in a bucket ........

There are those that think they know us ... little do they know.
This web site gives such a very brief look into our world with the ABPT
The length of time that we have been with this breed, made it easy for us to know what a grate APBT should look and act like.We have owned this breed far longer, then the first time we placed our foot into the show ring, in 1996. We had owned this breed 18 years before stepping into the show world. In the short time showing, we fell we have accomplished allot with the line we have today. You can't do that if you don't know something about the breed. We knew what we had back in the 80's far surpassed anything we have ever seen in the show world today including our own stock. That is the one reason it took us so long to come up with a new line, nothing we seen was within our personal standards of what we liked. We know we pissed allot of "so called" breeders off by just walking away and not buying a pup from them. Later those so called breeders would be trying to give us one of their pups to show. How ironic is that!
We didn't have the technology of to day to keep the same line alive. Just like today, back then we didn't do allot of breeding to overpopulate the breed. We also knew what the hell we were doing with this breed. Some breeders today don't have a clue, and are doing more damage to the breed then ever. We didn't hide from the fact of what the APBT was bred for. But held high regards for the ones before us and vowed to take a stand for the breed as a hole to be a loyal family dog with extra qualities you cant find in any other breed of canine.
We have done allot with this breed long before some were out of dippers. This breed was a part of both sides of our family's history. Long before we were old enough to own our own dogs and start our family. Johnathen's family used this breed for boar hunting on the Hawaiian Islands, but as a kid was never aloud to play with the dogs. That was not what they were for. My father told stories about the Pit bulls his family had back in the days in Kansas City missouri.

Our web site will only show you a drop of our live's with the American Pit bull Terrier.
Our bucket is over flowing with the life we have with this amazing breed.
The banner above lets you know right off that, no one person showed us the pit bull world at the first show we attended in 1996.
No one should ever believe you have to attend a beauty contest to prove you know about the breed.
Going to a dam dog show dose not teach you a dam thing about the breed. Years of experience of living with the breed being able to read your dogs at a glance. Experience of handling good dogs and working to better their image in the publics eye.
Being able to detect the signs of a potential bad dog, having no second thoughts of destroying the problem.
One bad dog can destroy the whole breeds image within seconds, on your local news.
Yet some will keep the problem for their selfish love for one dog and ruin it for the rest.
We are not here to save one bad dog, we are here to show case a wonderful breed.
~ Got one bad apple in the box, you throw that one out to save the rest ~
You have bad dogs in any breed of canine, the only difference is our breed is being watched with open eyes!

Madelyn Victorino, Rebel & Rhoda
The American Pit Bull Terrier breed has always been a big part of our life.

These dogs were welcome to everyone home in my family!

That truly is a grate feeling knowing you can take your dog everywhere, and people truly enjoy them.

Victorino's Rebel Jo
Victorino's Rhoda

Victorino's Rhoda
Victorino's Rebel Jo
Edith with Rebel
Rebel produced two litters in his 12 years of loyal devotion to us
Edith with Rebel & Rhoda
Edith Victorino pictured with
Rebel Jo and Rhoda. Looking back, I have to laugh i remember taping Rebels ears down. Because i didn't like the rose look.
Edith with Rhoda
Rhoda produced three litters for us in her 14 years of loving companionship with us.
John showing how high Rebel could jump at 9 months old, from a sit!
Rebel Rhoda and Angel 1981
Angel Showing her new crop 1981 thanks Dr. Valentine
Belly up to the bar, you mean my six pack
Someone stopping by to show us a rare blue pup. LOL
Blue /Gray is not rare and is not the true APBT
Captain Morgan was one of our first rescue dogs
He was placed with one of Johnathen's best friends and lived 14yrs
Rebel Jo playing with Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan& Rebel Jo

Dogs at play ... Captain & Rebel Jo
Hill Top - Tacoma WA

Edith's Birthday, and you can see Rebel clearly but Rhoda is standing to the right behind the boy.
The lives these dogs had always included kids, this was our family
Johnathen, Edith, Rebel, Captain and Rhoda
At grandpa & grandma house taking a brake from raking.
Edith hanging around with the dogs on a rainy day.
At grandma's house, hot summer day
Edith sleeping with Captain Morgan
The Victorino family photo 1981
Always' started the course by walking though
Over a balance beam, jump on platform you see him jumping on here.
Up to second level then across the bridge up to another platform Then down the slide, just to start all over again, Over the balance beam
Over the first balance beam Dogs take a brake and Edith is on the tire swing.
Awaiting her turn at the start of the run All excited to go but waiting for my command, I love this girl !
First days Training to put out fire on command
Edith and Rebel dressed for Halloween 1981

In the 1980's we were living at Vista Rainier apartments in Tacoma WA. on "Hill Top". When we moved down the street to "K" street. We used these two dogs to move from one house on hill top to another. Using a cart with wheels and a wagon we had the dogs pull our appliances from one house to the other. The 1972 Nova was used for the little stuff, but with out a truck we had no other way to get our refrigerator, washer, and dryer, to our new home. For many years we lived on the hill top of Tacoma WA and moved three times this way.
The two dogs were hooked up to the cart by their walking harness with D rings on the sides and they would pull on command. This was no big deal cause we always would walk to the store with the dogs pulling the wagon with kids. We always walked to the store to buy food, the dogs always brought it home by pulling the wagon. Walks were an everyday event and pulling was just natural for them. When we were camping we used the dogs to pull logs from the woods for the camp fire. Our dogs were a part of the family they were like kids, just like the ones we have today.
Weight pull happened then cause it was a way of life for us with limited means. There was no sport, there was no competition, just our life, our daily life. Who the hell would get a dog, hook it up to pull a washing machine down the road when they had a perfectly good truck to hall stuff?
How ironic that Over 30 years later, the dogs we have today weight pull for points and trophy's, not to help the family in everyday life. .... This was our way of life and the dogs were our faithful companions for years and fell right in to our life style.

Harry S. Truman
"Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of the country as Wall Street and the railroads."

Below is a play set at Mc Carver Elementary in Tacoma WA were we trained the dogs

Angel was sold to a gentleman owning Aurora Halide Lighting Co. He had been having trouble being robed during the day and found out about us from A gentlemen from Hooks K9 Dog Training academy. He came to us begging for a dog trained by us. We didn't want to part with any dog.
He begged for us to sell him Angel, She was over a year old when he bought her from us.
He was even more then pleased with her training, then he first thought. We told him when he needed her she would be there.
He called many times to tell us how grate she was for his shop and what a wonderful dog she was.
He had to brag to us about her saving him from a robbery one evening and that was the last time he had problems.
It became well known about the pit bull on guard at the shop laying behind the counter. The Angel behind the counter is what he referred to her as.
Colby Stud, owner Lenny Mamala
9 months old
Victorino's Rhoda
Johnathen and Rhoda
Young female Learning to hang
Rhoda's first breeding was with one of Johnathen's Uncles dogs, his name was Lenny Mamala,
His stud was pure Colby .
Rhoda had never been away from us and since it was family we thought we would let her stay the night and Lenny do the 2nd tie in the morning. Johnathen and I were concerned and let him know this was our girl.
She is NOT an out side, on the chain dog, to please keep her in the house.
Got home to the phone ringing, it was Lenny, as we left she got nervous and he tired to clam her down. Lenny said "she seen you pull away and as you left the yard she jumped out of our picture glass window. She ran after your car I chased her for a long time then came back to call you."
We looked for days for her we thought she was gone forever it was heart braking, we had lost a part of our family
Four days had passed many trips to the Pierce county animal shelter.
We had not stopped looking, Photo's were everywhere!

For kids during school days this was a play ground to run, swim, slide and just be a kid. But on the week nights after work we would take the dogs for a long walk. Then this school would became our course for training the dogs. Our two pit bulls would run a course. I would walk them trough what I wonted them to do, Just with verbal commands the dogs would run the course, stay, sit, jump, slide, and go on as told. After about 45 minuets of training it was time to jump into the water. The waiting pool was always' locked with a four foot fence at night. The dogs were well trained and when told to "Over" they would jump the fence and fetch until told to "come" lets go.
We would always end up with a group watching us and the dogs. People were amazed that pit bulls could be trained like that.
Some never seen dogs trained so well and listened to every word that was told to them. The most amazing thing to them was they were pit bulls off leash and minding and healing on verbal commands. (NEVER SEEN ON THE HILL TOP.)

Our dogs were very well trained in hanging on command and healing at our left sides.When our dogs worked out on the tire to hang it was controlled. They would be healing to the left and waiting for the command. They would release, drop and heal to the left within seconds of saying the word "OUT, LEFT SIDE". The dogs knew the difference between pull, shake, hold it and Out.
The "OUT" command was the most important command of all. "OUT" is used for many things for us with the dogs. It is used for them to release food we do not wont them to eat, the toy when retuning from a fetch, to let go of the tire and heal, and even used to get them not to sniff at anything. Of all the things you can teach your Pit bull to do, the word "OUT" in our opinion is the most important! Plain and simple it means STOP NOW!!!


On a hot July night we were out lighting off left over fire works. A ground bloom spun out of control and flew into the house right at my face. It hit me and I of course screamed. Rebel was just being a dog laying around, but when he heard me he was at my side in a heart beat. Before I could say out he had the ground bloom in his mouth and shook it until it was out. Rebels mouth was burned by the ground bloom but he had no fear of the fire what so ever. The dog did what was natural to him and that was to protect his master.
All week we had been around the fire works neither dog could care less about the booms and fire they made. After that he was at my side and was protecting me.
I knew both dogs were smart enough to be trained to bark and make a fuss at the smell of smoke. A dog will be the first response in an emergency like this, we as humans would just sleep thought it.
I would light small fires in a steel can and hide it from the dogs they would look for it. Too easy for them cause of the keen scene of smell dogs have. They Just thought it was fun and did exactly what was asked of them. Proud of them Yes, but never thought it would ever be needed. About 10 years later we were living in a small home with a old wood burning stove. It had a small crack on the side so we would keep the wood away. One night I woke up to dogs going off. I thought someone had just broke in, I sat up in bed to see the light from the fire dancing on our bedroom walls. I jumped up yelled fire! Johnathen went to put out the fire, I ran to the kids got them out of the house, and out into the field. As I came back I grabbed the garden hose and headed in to help Johnathen. Both dogs had rolled on the logs trying to put the fire out. They were both still trying to put the smoke out when I walked in. Both dogs mouth were burnt from trying to bite the logs when it got to much for them to bite they rolled on it. The hard wood floors and a few logs were all that was on fire that was more then the dogs were ever trained for. How did they know to roll on it and how in the hell did they remember something taught to them only a few times and years before? Both dogs sleep beside our bed and teaching them about fire years before, saved our lives many years later.
A simple trick, just something taught for a brief moment, something I personally forgot was trained to them.
Johnathen and I are totally grateful to what these to pit bulls gave us. Hours of loving devotion days of a loyal family pet, guardians of my children, and our lives.
In all our years with this breed and the years in the show ring We have Never seen any dogs as well trained as these two dogs. From locating drugs, fighting fires, healing, weight pulling and agility, these dogs could do it all.

The foundation dogs of 1996 were nothing compared to these dogs above of 1980's
A breed of canine once used for fighting ; As responsible owners, we must now fight to keep our rights to even own them as pets.
It is the responsibility of anyone breeding a litter to place each pup into the hand of quality owners.
The breeder should be willing to make sure that the pup/dog they placed is still in the right hands even years later.

No animal should ever be sold for any illegal purpose but it is still happening all over the world today.
There is the saying ......
There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.
We, the Victorino's have always said, that saying is only part truth.
We have always said " There are no bad dogs just bad breeders."
~ Irresponsible breeders place the dogs into the hands of the owners ~
The breeder comes into the picture way before the owner even knows about the litter.
Where will that breeder place their pups, and how fast when they become a 3-4 month old problem.

Miss T was short for Miss Tacoma,
Miss T went to Chicago.
Face it, even tires did not last around our place.
Cut the steel belt out and you'll have a Toy that will last a while!
Edith, Madelyn, Rebel, & Rhoda
Rebel, Tuffy, Angel, Black Jack try's to be on the top of the pile
Edith gives Angel a good morning Kiss before the start of the day
Rhoda nursing pups in the family room
Rhoda in her bed for the night
Tuffy, Angel, Black Jack, Miss T
Big Boy Kahuna and Black Jack
Four females
Our Two top female picks # 1 Miss T and #2 Angel
Young male Learning to hang

Johnathen and I were getting ready to go to Ft lewis with the dogs.
To spend the day with the dogs and visit friends that were stationed their.
Before he got to the car he jumped and I snapped this photo.
Later that same day he had Rebel Jo jump from a sit just to see how high he could get.
I would have to give Rebel a score of 10 and have to give Johnathen an 8.5
Rebel's jump showed more difficultly due to the sitting position.
Johnathen's piss test showed his jump was chemically enhanced

1983 we moved to a home on 40 acres on Kent Kangley Kent Wa. Getting off Hill Top of Tacoma and not turning back.
This home was the last rental home we would live in. The next move would be to our home we bought from my aunt Elaine.
This place was a blast we had the run of the whole 40 acers for only $250.00 a month. We painted and did some plumbing. Fixed it up before moving in and that gave us 2 months free rent. Thank God Johnathen was a Jack of all trades. This would be the house were our son John was born in 1984.
This is also the house where the dogs saved our lives from the fire. Here is John climbing on the dogs dad just got home from work. John is trying to get to him even if it means climbing on the dogs to do it. This was the summer of 1984

You can find a full box of Good dogs, even straight off hard core game lines.
These pups were straight off game bred dogs and I was told I would not be able to handle them as they got older.
Many old timers would say, I ruined these dogs by not using them for what they were intended for.
But these pups were intended for my family and I knew I could prove so many people wrong.
I was set to prove the APBT is more then just bred for fighting. These dogs were loyal to the end and very manageable.
Johnathen seen that my passion for the breed would never die, and he was ready to endure this passion to the end with me.

One of the greatest complements we both have received many times over the years together is
We have been told "You are the same at home, as You are at work" we don't change who we are to please anyone.
We were the same yesterday, as we are today, and will be the same tomorrow

" Harry S. Truman"
“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

There are a few females that will turn our heads, and I believe it is due to this black brindle female. Don't get me wrong Victorino's Ipo Lani is a wonderful dog and held many titles and produced grate titled dogs. The females Ipo lani, produced were totally awesome dogs.
But as a owner of some fantastic APBT for over 30 + years, Johnathen and I both agree that Rhoda was far superior to females we see today. Rhoda would be the dog I would reach back in time for, if given that wish. Deep Black coat with gentle red brindle shining though, made her an eye catcher. Her loving gentle nature and temperament was unbelievable. She just loved kids you could always find her with the kids in the yard. Ill tell you one thing no one thought twice about kidnapping our kids!

Edith is just hanging around on the new bike tire we hug up for the dog.
Johnathen holding the three male pups. Big Boy "Kahuna", Tuffy, Black Jack
Black Jack & Tuffy
Angel with collar baby girl
Captain Morgan was well mannered, house broke and fit in just like family. But we had no intentions of keeping him we had our two dogs and we were only training him for a new family. The basic house training doesn't come easy to some, as for us. So many dogs find themselves at the shelters cause of the lack of knowledge of the new owner to train properly. We got Captain from a young man, his mother said to get rid of the dog. The house braking was not working for them. Captain, fit right into our family and with in days, he knew what was expected from him. Following the older dogs lead helped him learn too!
When we gave him to our friends we still felt bad, He reminded me of Sugar Cube the female I raised and trained before Rebel & Rhoda cant find photos of her today I believe we lost them along with other family photos during our last move.
The filth day, I got a call from a man, he asked me " Hi, are you missing a dog?" YES, a black brindle Female, all black with red faint stripes!
He said " I got her she is fine." And then he hung up. This was back in the day with no Caller ID, no way to know who he was! I screamed and Johnathen came running. I cried and told him about the call. All we could do was sit by the phone and wait. About two hours went by and the phone rang it was the same person again, he said " "My wife insisted I call you back, Would you be interested in selling this dog to us?" NO she is our family, Johnathen gabbed the phone from me.
He started talking to the man and then his wife, both wanted the dog. They have had her for 5 days, she came into their yard and started playing with their 3 kids. He said she would go get the ball and drop it at their feet . They noticed she knew everything they asked of her. Sit, come, stay, lay, fetch, rollover shake hands, sit pretty and was so gentle in every way. They let us know they fell in love with her but noticed she cry's at the door as if she was lost. But has stayed with them because of the kids. So the wife knew the owner has kids and they must love her too.They offered $500.00 Johnathen said NO! "He said I understand she is very smart, what kind of dog is she? Johnathen paused for a moment looked at me, and said She is an American Pit bull Terrier.
The man told his wife right after John finished talking. All John could hear was, Oh my God! They could not believe that this beautiful dog that was so gentle with their kids was a Pit bull they thought it was a lab mix. They had no idea this is what a pit bull should look and act like. He finally gave us their address and we left to pick her up. After meeting with them and letting them see Rebel too, they were amazed about the breed. Just before we left he told us. " I almost wanted to just hang up again cause she was that grate of a dog for our family. You still didn't know who I was. Her dog bone tag gave us your name and number, my wife seen it before I did. He was right we were lucky and she never went anywhere to stay but home again.
Black Jack
There is nothing better then the years of experience with owning raising and working with the APBT
Johnathen, Edith, Rebel Jo, Rhoda, Vista Apt's Hill Top
"G" street Tacoma, we Clean up before moving in and get one month free rent. That was not hard to find. People would always leave rental houses a mess on hill top. Johnathen and I did allot of walking every day with the dogs, we always found grate deals on homes for rent. We only moved if the rent was better and the house was nicer. This is the kicker the houses we rented back in the days were all under 350.00 a month. This house on G street was only $240.00 big yard really nice home.
Rebel & Rhoda loved coconuts
This was a normal pose for these two dogs that were always together.
Lil Chief
K street Tacoma WA Rhoda Rebel and Edith
Chief = 105lbs. 24 inch head Chest 13.5
Rebel Jo = 70lbs 23.5 inch head Chest 14
My dad worked at Boeing for over 34 years, keeping photos of me and the dogs in his tool box. He had a man come by and ask about our dogs. The man was interested in breeding his male and asked to be placed in contact with us. We met up with them and took a look at there male. What a fat dog! The women stated he gets bacon grease on his food . He was 105lbs. and just over done, he jigged when he walked. You had to really look to see if he had any mussel tone. You could not see it because the extra weight the dog was carrying. I know I upset them when I told them their dog was out of shape.

Rebel was 35 lbs lighter however his head circumference was only a half inch smaller.
The man that owned him thought he had something due to the size. He insisted we measure the dogs head and chest. We got a soft tape and measured both dogs. He was shocked that Rebels head was only 1/2 smaller. Rebels chest was 1/2 bigger across.

This was a dog from a couple asking to breed their dog with ours .. Don't think so
Over the years seen to many people breeding just because they can, mostly for the money.
Not everyone should own this breed and the breeders that over breed are the ones to blame.
More then likely you have to wait for one of our litters.
If you cant wait then there are many others with two or three litters on the grown at any given time They have pay pal and make it real easy for your money transaction
Snow man and two pits on 40 acres Kent WA
Rebel & Rhoda loved the snow, and they had a big yard
Our drive way to Kent Kangley Rd - Edith and Ipo a 9yr cockapoo
Rebel Jo just four weeks old with Shauna
Our Fount yard- Rebel running
Rebel Jo playing with my niece and her dog
Another round please.... she still looks like a dog

Carl my brother, took this photo of Rebel Jo, we had photos of the Sire and Dam but they were in a box that got missed or stolen during one of our moves.

Carl lived in the apartment unit next to mine. He wanted to get one of our pups for his daughters when they came over for the weekend. This little pup was the one he wanted and of course it was the one I wanted to keep too. Carl being the single guy on the go were ever he liked kind of man, decided he should not have a dog at that time. Few weeks after getting the pup he said that it was not the right time for him to care for the dog. So I had two pups to raise and love..
Only have these puppy pic's below and then before we knew it they got old.

Johnathen and I met in 1978. I had a female APBT named Sugar Cube. She came with all the bells and whistles for $250.00.
You know the UKC Purple Ribbon Bred papers of course, and I sent for the ADBA papers later.
Sugar was a wonderful dog and was very well trained. When I needed her for protection she was there.
Johnathen and I started our life with her and today still hold the American Pit bull As the breed of choice for us.
Over our years together we have had many other breeds, and with that there has always been a pit bull among them in our home.

After the passing of Rebel and Rhoda. We called some of the owners of pups we produced in the pass. People move and life changes fast, before we knew it the line was gone. Starting a new line, Oh my God there are so many different looks, short squatty no taller then a pop can. To over done fat pieces of Sh-poo, the only movement you see is the jiggle. Then there are the ones that over breed, for the money and have two to three litters at a time two to three times a year. No time for quality pups just the quantity.

Needless to say we were looking for another Pit bull for our family. Checking all the local papers for the adds. We came across many people selling litter after litter. Nothing really caught our eyes. Now we were looking for the same type of dog we had. Hell we thought it would be easy to find a new pup after Rhoda passed. NOT... not of the same caliber. Breeders need to take their time and not breed every female in their yard and surly not every male..... Now I'll get to the point -- Photo above is a prime example of the mess breeders have done! A friend for many years heard that I lost both my old dogs. She called and let me know that her neighbor had a pit he needed to get rid of. Knowing me she knew I would not take a dog unless it was real young, bad habits are hard to brake. Johnathen and I talked it over and stopped by to take a look. Okay he was about 4 months old, cream colored male....lots of extra loose skin. Oh no back dew claws... heard about it on other breeds and mixed pit bull breeds. But personally have never seen it before. Johnathen and I looked at each other, we asked where he got the dog. He told us the breeders name but over the years we have forgotten ... that's a good thing for some breeder now! This poor guy got taken bad, he paid $900.00 for this dog with papers.
Now he was out to find a home for this pit, and we knew he had to get ride of it. He let it run the neighborhood and a few folks got after him. Classic case... wanting a dog but not wanting the responsibilities. He said he would give us the dog but sell us the papers. We said no, we would never breed this dog so we had no use for any papers. His name was Bear so we left it, Bear was not what we were looking for. But until we could find something at least bear would have a place. Bear lived with us for two years then one of my brothers needed a dog. He's place was out in the boonies and his place was broke into. He needed a dog for the yard. Our family always comes to us for dogs, and we have always been able to take care of them.
Well that left us with out a dog again, we started on our quest to find a grate dog. We went back to a breeder we had been to before and by mere accident seen a pup they had purchased. At first site it was better then anything we had been seeing and it was not blue! The information to the unknown source would be hard to get off this breeder, we were a potential sale. It took us two days to get the information on where they bought the pup from. As soon as we got the information we were on our way to order up a pup or two..... 1996

At the end of this driveway is 272nd or better known to us oldies as Kent Kangley Road. In 1990 this was all developed with houses. You would never know where this place is by what it looks like today. The dogs hauled ass all over this piece of land. We had the most awesome garden in the back of the house. Ipo lani a little cockapoo and two pit bulls Rebel & Rhoda. ruled this land. Wild dear and hot air balloons would share this with us.
Edith takes to the balance beam, dad thinks he is funny!
9mo Rebel jo
Edith. walks the beam, and is able to turn in the middle yeah!
Rebel is always waiting for me to tell him to do something.

Jr. Lewis, one of the many younger kids that hung out with us manly due to our dogs. In this photo he is looking very brave holding his fist up at Rebel. He is joking around about hitting him. Rebel is tugging on a piece of green garden hose. At one point this boy would not come into our home unless the dogs were put in the bed room. Most kids on Hill Top knew of this breed only as fighting dogs. It took us almost a year to get him not to be scared of the dogs. He knew we could get them to attack on command and many other things. He wanted to be around us and learn the good in the breed as well as learn how to train them. He would come over and say " Madelyn what the hell have you trained those dam dogs to do today" One morning he came by and asked John that, John said they find drugs. No way. Yes way, she taught them last night.

When we took off to the lake we would always have two or three kids with us. We would go to point defiance for a picnic and we would have the car full just spending the day with kids and dogs. Parents got to where they would ask are you going to be at John and Madelyn's house. Most of the kids on hill top owned pit bulls and when they met us were scared to death of our dogs. They never seen pit bulls trained before, our dogs they could pet and tell to sit and lay. This was truly a different world some of these kids were seeing for the first time ever. It was hard for us to understand why, Why lose so much of this breeds potential by placing it on a chain only to be let lose to fight. They really loose the value of a good dog,
Jr. could ask Rebel to sit and he would, then hold a cookie and ask him to sit pretty he would. This dog could be in the house and be a part of the family. This kid and many more like him never seen that until they met us. Our work with these dogs changed a few kids out look of the American Pit bull Terrier, showing them a side they would not have seen unless I took a chance and made our dogs family.
We helped kids that would have normally fought this breed decide to learn to train them.

We did what we called "The Wall". Jr would be at the top of a concrete wall with a stick, I would be at the bottom with a dog at the left side unleashed. Jr would hit the wall with a stick. The dogs would not go even though they were excited about the sound of him slapping the stick on the wall. They would wait until I told them to get it. Then the dog would run and leap up (about 9 feet) onto the wall grabbing the end of the stick.


The photographer had a fear of ....of course pit bulls and asked that we would at least hold the big brown one in all the shots. To please him we held on to Rebel's choke chain. You can see in the shots Johnathen is holding the chain very gingerly. We wanted one shot of the dogs by themselves. It took some convincing on our part but it happened. He wanted Johnathen to stand by him and for me to be as close as I could be to the dogs. We understand others fear of the breed, it is not their fault. As owners we have power to change the minds of many.

Just amazed at what one can train this breed for
One of Johnathen mom's dog behind us " Duke "
God blessed me with two wonderful children Edith and John Victorino
This was one of our AKC Pekingese - Winsongs Mandrin Princess (Mandy)
She had no problem bossing the pit bulls around. In fact they loved her and would let her do anything to them.

Johnathen is taking a brake from his job. In this old photo he is one of the maintenance men at the apartment. No I didn't need anything fixed. That's not how we met. .... He's first job at the age of 16 was to help his mother with the bills. He would work and hand his check to his mom. His mom's eye's were on me, of course to see if I was right for her son too.

I knew then he was a keeper. A man that thinks of others before himself. Johnathen is a wonderful person with a heart of gold. My life with him has been a blessing and I would not change it for anything.

We want the same things in life!

Edith Marrie Victorino & Rebel Jo
Johnathen Victorino & Madelyn Victorino
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