Miss Diamond
Dam of: Sir Danny Boy
Got to Love the Quarter Horse, the smooth ride and power they possess.
In the back you see Miss Patty Bee
Miss Diamond and her son Sir Danny Boy
Diamond waiting for the farrier to come give her a new pare of shoe's
In the mare there is a fluctuation of hormones that directly affect her behavior. As her heat cycle progresses she naturally becomes more aggressive, irritable, distracted and domineering. Individually, each mare may vary in the intensity and type of behavior In the horse's natural environment this can be quite important. "These behavior changes benefit her by temporarily moving her position up in the herd status and increasing her chances of being bred.
Our mares had to show respect even when being handled during their cycles. We have never had a problem with our mares. We always knew when they would be moody, and dealt with it.
For two Mares that came to us for breeding on the other hand was a different story.
Not well behaved and had no form of real training to speak of, but the owners wanted a foal from them.

Out goes the tongue
Edith has handled every horse in this yard including the stallions
Stocky brood mare with Quincy Dan Bloodlines
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