" Little Jo "
Beautiful Paint Stallion ~ Little Joe

Little Joe's Grate Grand Sire
Sorrel Quarter Stallion 15.3H

F:1965 28-12-3-1, $20,840. Won: Speed H. 
AQHA Hall Of Fame & AQHA Hall Of Fame Sire
Sire of 4 AQHA HofF: Sugar Bars, Zippo Pat Bars, Rocket Bar(TB),& Lenas Bar(TB). Sired 577 foals, 461 strtrs, 358 wnrs, 66 SWs & 16 Chs. A Lding Sire & Mtrnl Grndsire of AQHA Race Qualfrs, A Lding Sire & Mtrnl Grndsire Of AQHA Chs, A Lding Sire of AQHA Arena ROM, A Lding Sire Of AQHA Money Earners.
Died Apr 6, 1968.

AQHA Champion, Race Money Earner ($3,129., SI-85), ROM Performance.
SIRE OF: Superior Performance, AQHA Champion, Race Money-earners, ROM Performance, Race ROM, Performance & Halter Point Earners. SI-85 14 3 2 2 $3,129
Athletic, Beautiful, Intelligent, prances like a dancer
A can full of gravel and shake it and get them to run like the wind.
Two well mannered Stallions on the hot walker together.
Grass is always greener on the other side
Just finished up some ground work down it the pasture. Now it is time for the bath. Edith has been consistent in the ground work.She has done a wonderful job in the training of her boy. Joe is fantastic and has lots of love, willing to do anything and even gives kisses on command. No bad habits and loves to be handled. Follows Edith like a dog around the yard. Clips hauls bath and works ground very well. There is no such thing as not enough ground work, to many are rushing though the ground work to just ride and sell later. Many times leaving a messed up horse, to the new owners to fix. You have two years to teach this animal everything he needs to know before getting up on his back.
If the relationship on the ground is not established first, then we have no right business climbing on the back of a horse.
1993 Little Joe under the age of two here. Edith attitude and behavior towards horses is extremely important.
She has nothing but respect for animals and it shows.
"Get to the horse's feet and you get to the horse's mind."
The lead mare tells the others when to move, where to move, etc.
It stands to reason that if we, as horsemen,and horsewomen, can get our horses to move their feet when and where we want to as well as how fast, then the very physical action will help the horse to see us as the leader!
If we have not established ourselves as the leader, then we presume to be nothing more than a predator being taken for a ride.

All cleaned up and the body shave, all went great. He looks like a different horse all together.
Everyone is a little bit more pleased with his new look, but in a few months they will even be more pleased

Just needs More time to grow and lots of ground work ahead.

The day we brought Little Joe home....
Paid 600.00 for this shaggy little colt, everyone thought I was nuts, later they would see what I already could.
The first walk into our back yard Johnathen nor the kids were excited about this horse. But I was, it only would take some cleaning him up on my part to show them what I could already see.
Get out the clippers will see how well he behaves when groomed .... This was another shocker to the family, I was going to clip and bath this boy and he has only known us for a few hours. No better time, Our Hands all over him getting a noisy clipper placed on him. Yep... this is the time. He'll love it or hate it. Wash the head first and do it with a soft cloth No water into the ears! Save the body for last that is like heaven, rubbing them soaping them up and always use warm water it feels good. Everyone helps so hands are every where. Little Joe is grate, even with the clippers.
Good ground manners will start today, his first day here.
This was going to be Edith's new horse but as you can tell she is not excite about it. Her face tells it all ..... His older photos above show what I could see this day.
Just a few hours old
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