Fruhling's Appaloosa
Fruhling Brothers, Seattle, Washington
MH Fruhling, Woodinville, Washington

Dam of Keike and Smokey

Sugar was a great first horse for any kid, she had what it takes to be around kids all day and not care. From one kid to another, the rides seem to go on and on. Bare back, English and Western what ever the kids felt like. She was a Fruhling's foundation appaloosa mare. With her great disposition, we would soon find out she would make a grate broodmare too.
Edith loved Sugar and spent many days learning how to ride, We got her into the Golden Horse Shoe 4H Club.
Got her into riding lessons and she just improved every day. No fear, never afraid to ride anything, saddle up and take off.
Horseback riding can also be a great social sport. Many children take riding lessons together at stables. There are horse organizations 4H. The physical exercise of horseback riding has great side benefits. Riding improves balance and coordination. As a child progresses in their skills they develop confidence and a sense of freedom. Puss it is just plan FUN!

An older horse, who has seen the world, makes a great first time beginner horse. Beginners might shy away from a horse into their late teens and twenties. But many healthy, sound horses can be ridden well into their senior years. In fact, light daily exercise, such as a quiet hack (Pleasure ride) or drive may be beneficial to both horse and rider. A child first horse should be an older horse with lots of life to live. This makes great exercise for the older horse and the kids are far safer on an older horse that has in deed seen the world.
Sugar was foaled in June of 1971
This photo was taken June of 1988 Our son John was just 4 years old and Sugar was 11 years old.

Remember that older horses need frequent health examinations to make sure everything is fine.

Sugar produced us two outstanding foals Keike and Smokey
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