Ipo with Johnathen Victorino
This Is Johnathen's Favorite Female!
Ipo is showing heavy pregnancy
UWP UCD CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani DNA-P CGC TT TC OFA (Good) OFEL
UKC's #4 Top Producing American Pit Bull Terrier Female 2004
Translation: "My Heavenly Sweet Heart"

UKC & ADBA Registered
Updated 11/7/2005
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We would like to take the time to thank the breeders of
Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani,
Tom & Stephanie Saridokis.
Ipo Has proven herself by becoming UKC's # 4 top producing female for 2004.
Producing some out standing
Champion's and Weight pull dogs.

Ipo looking good playing in the Green River
Can you believe this is an 8 year old female?
Ipo has been just hanging around for a while. So we decided that we would take her to a weight pull so that she could get her UWP. While she was out she also attained the #4 spot for TOP PRODUCING APBT FEMALE in UKC 2004.
The #1 female had a total of 55 pups with 15 titled dogs.
The #2 female had 33 pups with 15 titled dogs. Figure that one. I would think that the female producing the most titled dogs with the lowest number of pups would be the better dog?
#3 female has 38 pups with 13 titled dogs.
IPO has 23 pups with 13 titled dogs listed however they (UKC) missed the two UWPS's that she produced. I think that would make her #1 but when asked UKC said that those two titled dogs weren't published till SEPTEMBER 2004. Apparently they pulled the records in July 2004.
OH.. But wait a minute.. These two dogs earned those titles in June 2004! Go figure that one????
Ipo showing that your never too old to get Air.
Here are a few of IPO's offspring.
You tell us, Can she produce?
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"Ku'u Ipo Lani's Accomplishments"
UKC: #4 Top Producing APBT Female for 2004 23 pups with 15 titled dogs
UKC: United Weight puller (UWP) 9/11/2004
American Temperament Test Society Inc: (ATTS) #TT-302-APBT 10/5/2001
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 4/9/2000
German Shepherd Dog Club of America Inc.: Temperament Certified : (TC) 4/9/2000
UKC: United Companion Dog (UCD) 9/16/2000
PE AgGen-Certified DNA Analysis Profiled (DNA) 3/27/1998
UKC: Conformation Champion (CH) 5/3/1997
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Inc.: OFA GOOD PBT -189G58F-NOPI 5/15/2001
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Inc.: OFA Elbow PBT -EL0019-NOPI 5/15/2001