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Champion in UKC on 11/24/2007

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There is not a breed of canine that is more impressive to look at then a well trained and obedient APBT!
Trust me were not talking the UKC pit-staff cross or pitterstaff we are talking the real pit bull

People marvel at the sight of a pit bull with training of any kind. To most of the public they believe the media and keep thinking the breed should be destroyed. For some people just to view an APBT doing Obedience, agility, search and rescue, or weight pull makes them take a different look at the breed.
The public needs to view this breed as a well behaved canine excepted anywhere. The public now only views this breed as a out of control fighting dog. But Until more breeders/back yard breeders start caring where they place their pups this will not happen.
I'm afraid the pit bull will keep the bad rap.

*** 13 months old and a new UKC champion ***
Sampson was sold on our standard sale.
The cost of a good dog should never brake your bank account!
Matt Congratulations on a Job well done!

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Training for the show ring, you can begin a pups training by handling him all over, look at his teeth, feel his toes, rub his ears, put your hands all over his body. A pup that is accustomed at an early age to such handling will be more relaxed in the ring. Then teach the pup to walk on a leash. Never drag him anywhere; coax him to come along with you by softly calling his name. When he walks nicely on a leash, take him places to get used to noises and commotion. Always let your pup know how happy you are to be with him. Teach him to stand still and to allow you to place his legs in proper position. Most dogs look best when standing with all four legs straight underneath their bodies. Your pup must learn to let you place his legs in proper position so he looks his best when the judge examines him. Have someone he dose not know touch him as you keep him in a proper show stand. For young pups this is difficult they want to play with the new person. They may wiggle and try and jump up to the person. keep them in the stand. Most judges understand the young behavior of a pup and are willing to help you and may give you advice.
Listen and learn even the most skilled showmen can learn something new !

Matt,Tyler, & Sampson UKC show 6-3-2007

Sampson's first UKC show Saturday June 2, 2007 there was two shows to be held.
The first show Sampson was placed into the wrong class on the official judge paper work.
Sampson was competing along side of one to two year old dogs.
We think Sampson did really grate, we didn't even notice that he was in the wrong class.
Big boy with grate looks! but still was judged as a junior and not as the puppy he is.
The 2nd show they had Sampson in the right class and Samson took a Best Male.
Matt, the Victorino's, would like to give a special thanks to
Honorable Judge Violet Denney for the Best Male
Honorable Judge Dianne Mc Connell for Reserve Best Male

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