Victorino's WOW Satchel
(Victorino's Way Out West Satchel)
Bred By: John K. & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Owner: Arne Johansen
Sire: (ADBA) GR CH 1 B&B Scruffy
Dam: UWPO UWPCHX ACE CH 'PR' Victorino's Tequila Sunrise
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Updated last on 2/14/2009

Satchel pictured here is just a puppy at 9 months old.
Litter mates are Doc, Jesse, Kitten, & Blaze,
This boy is spoiled rotten and loved!
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Arne came to us a few years back looking for a new dog to replace his last APBT that had passed. He said that he wanted a good dog and was willing to wait for it. Arne, put his deposit down for a future breeding not knowing when we were going to do a breeding. We had his deposit for two years before we did a breeding. By the sounds of it Arne, your wait was worth it.
Hope he brings you many more years of loyal devotion.
Arne, thank you for the wonderful photos of Satchel. It has been a long time since we last talked to you.
We have always known that Satchel is in grate hands. We had a gentlemen ask about this boy and made a call to you for the updated photos. Again thanks for sending us these pic's
Satchel has turned out to be a very nice boy handsome in every way.
Your mom said he was a wonderful boy, "the best and smartest dog." Speaking to her was wonderful.
She always seams so happy what an awesome person with a heart of gold!. We think that is ware you got your personality. We have spoken to her more over the years then with you and can tell she loves this boy deeply.