'PR' Victorino's Ali 'i (Chief)
Bred by: Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Sire: (ACE of ACE) UWPS UWPCHX UCD GRCH 'PR' Victorino's Koa Pu'uwai DNA-P, TC TT CGC OFA good
Dam: UWP UCD CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani TC TT CGC OFA good OFEL UKC's #4 Brood Bitch for 2004
Owners: Angela Drayton and Melvin LeBlanc
Updated on 11/5/2005
Ali 'i Is a beautiful ABPT that should be in the show ring.
But his owners Angela & Melvin just love him as a family APBT.
This was the first time ever stacked up and he was extremely good .... Kind-a seamed like he came from good show stock ...... Because he did !!!! It's easy to tell a show line of APBT's from all others. They seem to know why and what they were bred for.

We were called and received a complaint that this dog was being fought and was in bad shape. The next day we made a surprise visit to the owners. The owners were very happy to see us. We let the them know why we were there and they opened their home to us. The owners had everything in order Shot records and vet care for Ali 'i. In no way was this dog miss treated these photos were taken that day. Not one Scare or mark. We the breeders felt it was our responsibility to check up on the complaint. The Owners had nothing to fear because they take care of this big baby. We visited and found out that the same person that called me had inquired on a breeding to Ali 'i. The owners, Melvin and Angela said no to the breeding. Guess some people cant take NO for an answer.

This Boy has a wonderful home and has a house full of love!
Angela and Melvin have done an excellent Job in raising this boy along with their children. Thanks for the Good Job!

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