Owners: Albert Brundage & Family
Some of the best homes for dogs are in your family's home!
Victorino's Hobo Jo was whelped at Tony and Michelle Wines home.
Wine's Rainy City Kennel
Tequila has always provided us with flashy puppies

This boy is all natural, he has never seen a treadmill.
He has never been conditioned for any show.
Never been conditioned for weight pull, hell .. not even pulled a brick.
Just a warm loving part of a family.
~ Your Looking at the Natural Never Worked Out APBT ~
What we the Victorino's refer to as "off the couch"
We take a lot of pride in this look because it is genetics at it's finest.
Your part as an owner of a Victorino dog for conditioning comes easy.
A little work would make this boy a champion.
Needless to say he is a fine looking well balanced APBT
With all the right stuff.
If owners chose to never show their dogs that is just fine with us.
We are not looking for a name in the show world.
The life of a dog in the competition world is not what it is cracked up to be.
Sometimes much better homes are found with people not trying to make a name for themselves in some dog registry.
An APBT should come off the couch ripped with muscle tone and very little effort on your part.
Face it, It is Genetics!

'Doesn't say anything here in these directions that it has to be cleaned with soap and water! When they are not looking I will help them clean the grill.

Okay been sitting here long enough give me a bite of that hamburger!
Piece of cheese please, maybe just a Pickle, anything?
Call my name to snap a photo! ... just give me the food!
What do I have to do resort to begging?
Where are the Kids when you need them?
What the hell ... even dishwashers get a tip

Albert Brundage and Hobo Jo in the Big back yard at play.
Summer of 2008
This Amazing APBT was our 1st pick off of "Red Ace" and "Tequila Sunrise", and he is a true all around family companion.
Jo, provides the protection his kids and home needs and adds the companionship of a true friend.
Natural Ears & Natural off the couch build

You have to love this big goofy dog at play, the puppy comes out in him.
Kids, playing fetch until the ball gets all slobbery.
This ball has seen better days, looks like it is time for a new one.

The tail going 100 miles an hour and watch out for it when it hits you.
Mom, loved how clean it was last time, thinking the boys cleaned it.
I think this is a job for me "Jo!" Just look how good I get under the grill !
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Dalton Brundage and Victorino's Hobo Jo

Keeping a few select dogs with in the family, makes it ideal for any further breeding plans.
Since both sides of our immediate family is huge and everyone is willing to take our dogs it is easy to find homes.

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Need that just licked, clean face feel?
Hobo Jo, at your service
Free spit shine every time

~ One of a kind ~