Koa taking a best male Sunday July 4th, 2010
Under Judge Dennis Blickenstaff ... Thank you
 I have my 5th class tonight with Dalene. Koa is doing AWESOME. He is soo good in that class and can sit/stay for as long as I want him to. Everyday I am amazed at how obedient he is.
I can't wait for graduation.
Hello Family -
We took Koa camping with us this weekend. We stayed on the Cle Elum River. He had 2 buddies to play with. A 5 year old Golden Retriever and a 2 year old English Bulldog. Koa had a blast playing with both of them. He is such a great dog. We never had to tie him up all weekend. He loved his hiking journeys with us and even went swimming a few times in the River. I am working on making him his own web site since he has so many pictures already. Koa grows SOOO fast. I swear I get home from work each day and he is bigger!  
Here are a few pictures of him camping this weekend.

I LOVE THIS DOG!!! Thank you Johnathen and Madelyn for giving me the opportunity to own this wonderful little guy!!!


Phillip, we like to thank you and your family for letting one of our Victorino's puppies into your home to live his life.
Take pride in the APBT breed you own and always make it a point to show case the good in our breed.
Train well and always be responsible make us proud grandparents of that grate boy
He is a winner....

Koa at the Victorino's Home
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