CH 'PR' Victorino's Iron Cody of Rebel CGC TC TT DNA-VIP OFA(good) OFEL
Sire: Ace UWPS UWPCHX UCD GRCH Victorino's Image of Rebel Jo DNA-P TC CGC TT
Dam: CH 'PR ' Victorino's Bright Star Light DNA-P TC CGC TT OFA good OFEL
Bred by: Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Owners: Cook Family & Mc Clinton Family

Updated 1/14/2011

CH 'PR' Victorino's Iron Cody of Rebel CGC TC TT DNA-VIP OFA(good) OFEL
Tyler James Victorino, 3 years old & Iron Cody 4 years old.
Cody is a big dog next to this little boy, Cody grew into a fine and loyal friend.

When a friend moves away a part of your self goes with them.
When adults move we can always call one another, but when a child's
best friend moves there is no way to call them to say hello.
Looking back as a child what can you remember about your childhood?
How much of what happens in our first years reflect on the adults we became today. As the proud grandparents of Tyler James we hope we can fill his first years of life with much joy. Cody was one of Tyler's favorite dogs in our yard. When we gave Cody back after training promoting and loving him for years it was very hard for us. Just days before Cody left us we forgot just one little thing, Just how hard it was going to be for Tyler.
We made sure Tyler would have these picture's of his friend Cody Monger as he called him. Every one that sees us at the shows knows this boy is not far from ring side.
I'm sure when he is all grown up there will be another special
American Pit Bull Terrier in his life.

As a pup Cody was sold to James & Michelle Mc Clinton. He was to be their family dog. There came a day when for one reason or another they were forced to move. As most people who rent know it is hard to find a rental home that will allow dog's let alone a Pit Bull. So they asked us to please take care of him for a while so they could find a home. After about Three months they decided that it would be better if they just gave him back to us. We told them that when they were ready all they had to do was call and we would replace him with one of his pups.
Well two and a half years passed and one day the phone rang. It was James. He let us know that they had moved into their own home, They have 5 acres and were ready for a pup. We had none at that time. He jokingly said "well we would love to have Cody back"LOL. Madelyn laughed. Well after a lot of thought, we decided to send him back. I mean we did promote him to his championship, Got his CGC,TT,TC,OFA,OFEL and saved semen off him.
Cody was becoming one hell of a weight puller.
This was a boy that was hard to let go of.
We will miss you Cody!
Prince James Mc Clinton 3rd
Aarika Mc Clinton
& Cody 1998
Tyler James & Cody

Though out our home photos line our walls, refrigerators and photo books all over our home and there is never a time that we don't glance at cody's pictures and wish we still had him. Yes it was our choice to give him back to his original owners after so long with us. But that is just the kind of people we are.We know the Cook-Mc Clinton family appreciates all the time money and work we put into Cody, while we had him. They Knew he would not be a Champion today if he was not with us.
They just wonted a pet and had no real desire to ever show.
Every upcoming show, this is one boy we wish we still had in the show ring .
Grand Championship is in his structure and movement.

Ace Weight Pull and United Weight Champion titles are in his Heart.
Madelyn Victorino 2004

8/11/2001 Cody pictured above at the Western Canadian APBTC Weight pull.
Cody pulled 4,200 Pounds
Cody pictured above at the British Columbia APBTA of BC Weight pull.
A few more pulls and Cody would have been a ADBA weight pull Ace, but now he can relax as a family pet and lay around the house.
You can find more of Cody pulling on our weight pull page.

Cody's Accomplishments: UKC: Conformation Championship
UKC: Canine Good Citizen
UKC: Temperament Test Society- TT
UKC: Temperament Certified- TC
UKC: OFA good

2003 Back home with the McClinton's
That was a long visit to Grandma & Grandpas house!
Prince James Mc Clinton 13yrs old
Aarika Mc Clinton 12 yrs old
Victorino's Iron Cody of Rebel '2003'
Aarika Mc Clinton
Michelle Mc Clinton

Take good Care of Cody James and Michelle, Tyler's depending on you to love his best friend

Johnathen and Cody UKC show
Madelyn and Cody UKC show
Victorino's Iron Cody of Rebel ~ UKC show in 1999
Obedience Class Johnathen with Cody Adrian with Hemolele
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