Victorino's Silent Thunder

Bred by: Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Sire: ACE UWPS UWCHX UCD GRCH Victorino's Image Of Rebel Jo CGC TT TC DNA-P

Dam: CH Victorino's Bright Star Light CGC TT TC OFA OFEL DNA-P

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Page Updated 1/19/2005

In the past,George and Pete Holthe have owned many Spaniels and other "Bird dogs."George and Pete knew Thunder was Birdie. So Pete decided to take Thunder out Bird Hunting this year. He took Thunder on opening day (10/18/03) with no prior training. Thunder did fantastic. Pete and his partner, Khary both got there limit the first day (3Birds each) and the second day Pete limited and Khary got two Birds. Thunders job was to track the Pheasant and flush them out, and after the Bird is shot Thunder had to retrieve it. The first Bird that Thunder retrieved was only winged so it was still alive and Thunder manhandled it a bit. However with the other Birds Pete and Khary shot, Thunder was very soft mouthed and retrieved the Birds and dropped them at Pete's feet. Pete is now thinking about taking Thunder Duck hunting some time this year, because not only is Thunder one of the best bird dogs they have owned, he is the fastest swimmer that they have ever seen, and he loves the water.

During the weekend several other Hunters stopped Pete and asked....
"Hay, is that a Pit Bull?"
"Are you Hunting with it?"
When Pete showed them what Thunder had done, one Hunter could only reply...
"That's the Damndest thing, I think I have ever seen!"
Pete say's "you get some funny looks when you show up at a field to Bird Hunt with a Pit Bull." The funniest thing about it though is "most everyone that is there picks up their dog's and goes somewhere else."
" Thunder "
You will never stop amazing us!
You Truly are a TOTAL DOG!!

George Holthe & Thunder
Attending a Cascade APBT show in Longview Washington. 8/22/00

Chris and George Holthe
Working with the
American Pit Bull Terrier

Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino
Would like to thank the Holthe Family
for all their time promoting Thunder to UKC Championship
UWP United Weight Pull

ADBA Weight Pull ACE

Thanks for making Thunder
what he is today!

Thunder taking the Peoples Choice Award.

This Award is a very special award for us, this trophy was in loving memory of
The Victorino's Old Dogs "Rebel & Rhoda."
What made this even more special to us is a Victorino bred pup would win the award.
Thank you Victorino's Silent Thunder for Bringing this Award Home!
Pete Holthe Gave the trophy to us to have in our home

Thank you Pete for the wonderful gift from the hear!t

The peoples choice award was donated by;
Skye Curtis Kennel Owner LaVonne Borucki (R.I.P.)
Special thanks to LaVonne for the memory!

Thunder is from the first Rebel & Star breeding

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All Hunting Photo's were taken by Pete & Khary
Thanks for the photo's guys!
Check out our weight pull page to see more of Thunder Pulling
Photos are from our Video camera of Thunder
George Holthe LOVES Thunder