This page last updated on 10/26/2015
Welcome to Victorino's Weight Pull page.
Please take the time to check out each dogs weight pull photographs by clicking on the photo below.
You can view each dog by going to Next Weight Pull Dog at the bottom of each page after entering the first dog.
These dogs will have a page to view on the produced page as well .
Coal the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a page too, but is not produced by us.

Victorino Rebel's Red Ace
Victorino's Iron Cody of Rebel

Victorino's Red Tank

Victorino's Malia Victorino's Ali 'i Moko Victorino's Iron Will
Victorino's Silent Thunder Victorino's WOW Doc Holiday
Sure Shot's Black Diamond
Victorino's Diamond Rio   MORE DOGS TO COME
Weight pulling is made easier with Good Obedience