Best Male in ADBA
Our lawyer received paperwork....

Requesting Group Cremation
By Cynthia Ann McCammon

We have the choice to believe or not to believe he was really distroyed for nothing.

Last person, Cynthia McCammon showing Victorino's Diamond Rio Kid
Rio taking Class Win for UKC
Handler Cynthia McCammon
Honorable Judge Sandy Comer
Twenty two pictures of Rio's first time on a weight pull system
Our puppy's are like our grandchildren, and they remember us that way too.
We are often asked for our help in training and showing our puppy's long after they leave our home.
Johnathen worked hard helping Cynthia get Rio to weight pull.This was Rio's first time on the track.
Rio did a fantastic job and Rio would have went on to become a excellent weight pull dog in UKC, ADBA, & IWPA

In loving Memory

Bred by: Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Sire: ACE UWPS UWCHX UCD GRCH Victorino's Image Of Rebel Jo CGC TT TC DNA-P

Dam: CH Victorino's Bright Star Light CGC TT TC OFA OFEL DNA-P

Updated 9/19/2005
'PR' Victorino's Diamond Rio Kid
From Rebel x Star's 1st breeding

Attained a Best Male in ADBA
His first show ever he attained 21 Points in Conformation!
He also has 5 points in Weight Pulling Competitions

He holds the title of Treadmill Champion
(T-CH) in the AAPBA

Rio, only needed 10 points to become a Champion in UKC
This dog was sold as a pet !!!

Rio taking Best Male for UKC
Handler Cynthia McCammon
Honorable Judge Sandy Comer
Rio, just over one year of age.
UKC Show
The above pictures are of Rio pulling at a Beaver State APBT Club,ADBSI Sanctioned weight Pull
Above pictures are of Rio pulling at the Evergreen state APBT Club
Victorino's Diamond Rio Kid, at the ADBA Evergreen State APBT Club.
The above pictures are of Rio taking Best of Winners at a Cascade American Pit Bull Terrier Club, UKC
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