'PR' Victorino's Dream Maker
Sire: ACE UWPS UWPCHX UCD GRCH Victorino's Image of Rebel Jo CGC TT TC DNA-P
Dam: CH 'PR' Victorino's Bright Star Light CGC TT TC DNA-P OFA (GOOD) OFEL
Breeders: Madelyn & Johnathen Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
New Owner: Emile Ferreboeu
UPDATED 11/5/2005


Photos above are taken on September 2002 by Madelyn Victorino
Victorino's Dream Maker, at the airport just before leaving our home.
Just after the birth of her first litter on 9/22/2001 her prior owner gave her back. Dreamer was more true to her pit bull heritage then he liked. More fire with other dogs then some can handle.
Dreamer was with us for 11 months after that and we had just taken her to her first UKC show.
Her first UKC show, she was a perfect girl for me. The Movement some breeders only dream of.
There is nothing better then the clean movement of a true American Pit Bull Terrier
A smooth graceful clean gate with no effort
As a breeder this is what makes you smile inside and out.
But she knows she is a pure American Pit Bull Terrier.

Dreamer handled like a dream for me in the show ring, that day I realized some didn't know what they really had in there back yard on a chain. The next weekend we received a call from Emile Ferreboeu to purchase her.
What a Nice Bitch

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Dreamer was owned by Lance Gunnell
Below are pictures taken in 2000 when she came to our home to visit us with her first owner Lance Guenell. Dreamer was just barley a year old.
I could see the potential that was forming. Dreamer was just one of those Pit Bulls that should always remain in a one dog family.

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Dreamer is a quiet dog that loves people and will curl up on the couch all day with you.
We were told she never would bark at other dogs and even played with pups
But she was never taught to tolerate other dogs in her face.
Staying true to the American Pit Bull Terrier breed she doesn't like other dogs!
Dog aggression is not by any means human aggressiveness and should never be confused as such.
This is the American Pit Bull Terrier and we can take the dog out of the fight, but should never take the fight out of the dog.
What an awesome female, Victorino's Kennel was proud to be the Breeders.

Our son John K. Victorino and Dreamer
We Spent a lot of time talking to Emile Ferreboeu about Dreamer, before and after he received her.
Emile said his mother fell in love with Dreamer . He told us that she played very well with his 11 month old male pit bull pup. Emile let us know he had game bred dogs from some outstanding lines, but he wonted a house dog from our show lines . We told him that Dreamer was the real deal and that it would not be a good idea to trust her with another dog. She loves puppy's but 11 months old was pushing the puppy stage. We explained she was extremely dog aggressive, and although it was a pup now soon she would change her feelings for the pup.
Emile Ferreboeu, soon learned his lessen and had to keep Dreamer away from his Game dogs.
Emile stated his game dogs had a very impressive pedigree, but did not have the heart that Dreamer has.
Dreamer is now with a family member of Emile's, in a one dog home with children and loving it.