Tim Auringer
March 3, 1963 ~ September 14, 2003
There is no doubt in my mind we were all blessed for having known Tim Auringer.
Tim loved his life and held on to every moment God granted him here on earth.
Tim was a very hard worker and God must have needed a hard working Angel in Heaven,
Someone God knew would get the job done.
Tim, Many things will remind us you are not here over the years to come, all your friends left behind will have an empty place in their hearts were you once shared unforgettable times with us. We love you and miss you,
Thank you Tim for sharing your life with us.

Judge: Bonnie Williams
The Big Man with the Big Heart that Loved his dogs.
Tim Auringer and Chee
UKC show, Tim Auringer & Victorino's Uha'i Eheu O A Anela "Chee"

Tim Auringer, wonted this female even after we explained she was not for sale, due to a broken leg at a young age.
Our vet couldn't assure us on how it would affect her when she was older. Tim didn't care that was the dog he wonted. We named her a hawaiian name, Uha'i Eheu O A Anela, translation to Broken Wing of an Angel.
Fitting for what had happen to her.
No one could remember all the a e i o u 's that it took to say it so Tim Just named her Chee, (Inner Power,) it fit her.

UKC Show Longview Wa.
We spent allot of time with Tim the weekend of this show.
Tim sat beside Tyler James our grandson at dinner that night.
Tim was teasing Tyler for flirting with the pretty waitress.
Tim left a lasting impression on children, both my son John and grandson Tyler James would light up when Tim came over or they seen him at the show.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
One day I was working in the house and Tyler went to the window when the dogs started barking.
Tyler yelled to me "grandma Tim's here" I replied who?
Tyler said "You Know grandma , Tim my friend, ..Big Tim! "
Then with much excitement Tyler, ran to the door to let Tim, in.
The Children just loved him.


Western Canada ADBA Show
Judge, Richard Stratton

UKC Cascade APBT Show
Annual Summer BBQ

Tim Auringer
was a one of a kind.

He was a man with a
Big Heart

Tim loved the friends he made at the dog shows.

Tim' Loved Life!
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Left to Right
Gray Stephens, Jorge Sarabia, Nate King, Tim Auringer,and Johnathen Victorino
The Cascade show would always have a paid dinner once a year.
Only for the Working members that have worked the shows all year.
We were invited to many dinners over the years and so were many of the folkes that owned our dogs.
That was the thank you from the Club Officers for the extra membership help.
You know there are always those members that work the clubs, and then the ones that just say they do.
You seem to always see the same faces when the labor work is needed.
One year to keep the cost down and to pull in other members, Johnathen and I said we would cook for the club.
We have a large club with many members at the time, so lets have a big BBQ

Mike Brannan, Tim Auringer, Nate King, Jorge Sarabia, and Johnathen Victorino.
All the members brought food and even non members joined in.
~ Fun times were had by all ~
Made it more then just a competition for dogs, made it about knowing each other as people.
This lead to the us The Victorino's being asked to host BBQ for others clubs.
Not even members of some clubs, we were happy to help.

In Loving Memory of Tim Auringer
CH 'PR' Victorino's Uha'i Eheu O A Anela
Translation: Victorino's Broken Wing of an Angel
Victorino's Koa Pu'uwai CGC TT TC DNA-P OFA good
Dam: UCD UWP CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani CGC TT TC DNA-P OFA good UKCs #4 Brood Bitch for 2004
Bred by; Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Owner: Tim Auringer
Updated on11/5/2005

CH 'PR' Victorino's Uha'i Eheu O A Anela, is out of
ACE UWP-CH UCD GR CH 'PR' Victorino's Koa Pu'uwai DNA-P OFA TC CGC
UCD CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani DNA-P OFA OEL TC CGC
Tim Auringer made it easier for us all by calling this Beautiful Angel "Chee"


Mid-Valley Kennel Club Chee took Best Of Winners under Judge Deborah Smith
Chee finished her Championship in UKC with her outstanding movement and structure.
Like Mother like Daughter she was extremely dedicated to please her Master.
With the intense bond that Chee had for Tim she would have easily achieved her UCD title in UKC.
Tim had high hopes to place an ADBA ACE and Championship title on her.
Chee was a perfect example of beauty, brains and braun.
Thanks, Tim for all your work LOVE and time in the promotion of Chee!
Now you both work for the higher power.

Chee Loved to show her drive with weight pull and treadmill
A Cut Above The Rest!