Lei Nani weight pulling at ADBA
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Lei Nani lived her life around children as a loyal and devoted pet. Never having to prove she was a champion, because in her children's eyes that she protected everyday she was a champion. There will never be a dog quite like Lei Nani.
Her first home was not all that it was cut out to be, and she was returned to us. We let her live out her life with our family where she had many kids to play with. There she could be just a dog and never have to attend a show to prove anything. But she was a Victorino bred APBT and needs no Explanation! Lei Nani produced one litter for us.
Outstanding family dog devoted and loving her kids. Lei Nani Lived her life as a fat sassy old lady.
Rest in peace old girl for you gave these children something they will never for get.
As time goes on and they grow older they will think of you and smile for you were loved.
'PR' Victorino's Lei Nani
Sire: Ace of Ace UCD UWPS UWPCHX GRCH 'PR' Victorino's Koa Pu'uwai CGC TT TC DNA-P OFA good
UWP UCD CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani CGC TT TC DNA-P OFA good OFA EL UKCs #4 Brood Bitch 2004
Bred by: Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Owner: AW Brundage and Kids
Updated on 6/25/2007

Sire: UCD UWPS UWPCHX GRCH ACE 'PR' Victorino's Koa Pu'uwai DNA-P OFA CGC TC
Dam: UCD UWP CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani DNA-P CGC TC OFA EL UKC #4 Brood Bitch For 2004
Lei Nani and Johnathen in the show ring.