UWP 'PR' Victorino's Lucky Lady
Call Name: " Koa "
Sire: CH 'PR' Victorino's Iron Cody of Rebel DNA-VIP TC TT CGC OFA good OFEL
Dam: UCD CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani DNA-P TC TT CGC OFA good OFEL

Owners Greg & Caryl Brennan
Bred By: Johnathen and Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Page updated last on 9/19/2005
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Koa, is a well muscled bitch with beauty to match. Greg and Caryl decided to have her altered to just enjoy their family pet with out the hassle. Later to find them selves at their first UKC show for Weight Pull. One of a few UKC events that allows altered dogs to compete. Many well respected and admired UKC Judges and regulars approached them and complemented them on how nice she is. The Judge's were shocked to find out she was altered.
The British Colombia ADBA club held a fun show on 4/27/2000 Greg and Caryl were able to take Koa. Again they were complimented on her by well admired and respected ADBA regulars.
Koa showed just what Victorino's dogs were made of, by proudly taking best of Opposite at her first conformation class ever. Fun shows don't count for points but Greg and Caryl have found a new hobby. They have learned a lessen the hard way but Koa will shine in all other events. Well Greg and Caryl are kicking themselves now and We will not repeat to many more times "we told you so!" Some just need to come to a show before they say they just wont a pet!
Shows are a lot of fun! It's a place were we have fun meeting new people and having a grate time with people that love the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.

Beautiful head set Looks like her dam Ku'u Ipo Lani and look at that chest!

Caryl has had Koa in obedience and agility classes.
Koa has the heart and drive it takes to place three UKC titles on the Brennan's wall.
The Victorino's would like to Thank both of you for all your time and work on Koa.
She is beautiful and you both have made us proud in the love and care you have given to all your Victorino babies! Thank you

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January 2004 we got some Snow in here in Washington
Koa Tank and Jesse came over to visit we just had to take some pictures

In Loving Memory of
Greg Brennan
9/13/1973 ~ 11/25/2003

There are some that walk into your life and leave a lasting impression.
Greg was just one of those people that become a part of our family.
Greg was a caring and loyal friend if you needed him he was there.
Greg was a quiet man and to some very intimidating. But to us he was a gentle giant showing it by the love he gave to our Kids, Grand kids and the dogs.
We didn't understand the impact we made on Greg as friends until weeks after his death. Caryl, Greg's wife wonted John Our son to have Greg's computer.
Caryl said that Greg would of wonted John to have it.
Greg, I hope you know just what that meant to us no words can express.
Our son found that his computer was full of our dogs photos. Not only the dogs of the present but our dogs of the pass. Greg was in the possess of locating our old bloodlines. Caryl told us he was looking to purchase us a dog from the lines closest to our old dogs. There are People that will live there whole life long and never find the friendship we found with Greg Brennan.
Greg, We were not done being your friend and doing things with you!
~You will be missed ~