UWPS UWPCHX CH 'PR' Victorino's "IZ" CGC
Owners: Clifford Daniels & Eileen Daniels
Produced By: Johnathen and Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
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Iz was Rank #5 APBT in UKC all Star Weight pull Ranking for 2004
Updated 9/19//2005

Bred by Johnathen & Madelyn of Victorino's Kennel
CH 'PR' Victorino's Iron Cody DNA-VIP TC TT CGC
Dam :
UWP UCD CH Victorino's Ku'u Ipo Lani DNA TC TT CGC UKC's #4 Brood Bitch 2004

Clifford aka Bra-da Puni, is Johnathen's cousin. Puni, was there in the 70's when we had Rebel and Rhoda. Puni, waited until him and his family were ready for a dog before they got IZ form us.

We Would like to thank Clifford, Eileen and boys for taking wonderful care in raising IZ, As a family member. Mahalo, Puni, Eileenand & boys!!

Now it's time for Victorino's IZ to start his show career

After a few pointers from us, Keola stacks Iz for the first time. What a nice Job!
This is what it is all about!
The APBT breed is one that doesn't seem to have a generation gap. Kids and their parents spend quallity time with something enjoyed by both.
IZ taking Best of Winners on 9/23/01
Thank you honorable Judge Jim Jones
It feels good getting wins with a dog you own but far better with the dogs you have produced.
Cody and Ipo Produced an excellent litter of outstanding dogs
A few days before IZ very first show on 8/25/01 he was jumping and playing on agility equipment and hurt his leg. But still was able to take a third place for his first show ever.
The rest of the two remaining shows that weekend we had him pulled to heal up.
This boy will do very well in agility too !! With the limp he stood out in the crowd
As you can see he is back to show what he is made of.
Victorino Bred

Nationals 2001

10/5/01 Best of Winners
Thank you honorable Judge Dennis Blickenstaff,

10/6/01 Best of Winners
Thank you honorable Judge Ronald Gaither

10/7/01 Best of Winners Thank you honorable Judge
Olan Nickols

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For Region: 1
With a total of 840 points overall
For the year 2004
" Congratulations! "