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Greg Brennan
9/13/1973 ~ 11/25/2003
In Loving Memory of
Greg Brennan
and one of his APBT's
Victorino's Keneka Ula'

Owners: Greg & Caryl Brennan
(Sire) Victorino’s Puka ‘Ua O Kuoko’a DNA-VIP
(Dam) Victorino’s Dream Maker DNA-VIP
Updated 9/19/2005

Greg Brennan, was a man with a heart of gold, you could see it in the love he had for his dogs.
His passion for the American Pit bull Terrier was strong. A passion that had him knocking upon our door , and convincing his wife Caryl he needed a Pit Bull. Greg was intrigued with the history of our bred and always said to know the breed is to love the breed. We Can not turn a blind eye on the history, that is what made our breed of dogs what they are today. Greg spent a grate deal of time studying the history, pedigrees and famous dogs and dog men of the past. So when Greg Brennan came to us we were indeed honored to have him own our line of dogs.
Greg & Caryl Brennan have always been there for our family even though the hard times. Johnathen was trapped under a car in 2003, At the hospital, Greg gave him a verbal scolding for not asking for help. Then later proceeded to give Johnathen a car/truck jack for his safety next time. Greg was deeply concerned for the safety of our family, and often joked about us needing him for our personal body guard at the dog shows. Many times Greg expressed that no one would bring harm to us as long as he was there. Greg was one of the most loyal friends a person could have.
Loyalty and friendship , beyond our knowledge, Greg's friendship and love for our family was stronger then he let us know. At Greg's funeral people knew of us each one down to the newest member of our family. they knew of us from story's he told them of our gatherings at his home and dogs shows. We had people coming up to us and saying this must be Jacob and Tyler. Greg talked about our grandchildren to his co-workers and friends as if we were his personal family.
Greg would tell others how good Tyler was at punching the heavy bag for his age, and letting his co-workers know of the birth of Jacob, in June 2003

After Greg's passing in November of 2003 his lovely wife Caryl, gave Greg's new computer to our son John. Caryl stated this is what Greg would have wanted, and he thought of John as a younger brother. Later we had learned Greg's plans, Greg had been studding our old dogs pedigree and was trying to locate dogs from the original lines we had. He's intentions were to purchase dogs for us out of stock from our old lines. Greg's computer was full of Pictures of dogs from our kennel both present and past. Greg truly admired our dogs and with out or knowledge became one of our biggest fans.Greg is still there for us even after his passing, The computer became a heaven sent gift from Greg, in December 2003 a few weeks after Greg's passing, we lost our grandson Jacob Allen to SIDS. My son John, focused his time designing a memorial booklet for his nephew. The new computer made it possible for John to design and print the 12 page booklet and to grieve the way he needed to.
The year 2003 had changed our life's for ever. We lost so many that meant so very much to our life's.
We know they are together watching over us today.
May God bless you Greg for all the Good you have inside.
Thank you for being a part of our family now and forever, until we meat again.

Greg will be forever in our hearts and will be forever missed
Greg and Kenna forever together in a grater world than we live in here on earth.
Memories are all we have until we meet again