UWP Victorino's Jake of Thunder
Bred by: Johnathen & Madelyn Victorino of Victorino's Kennel
Owners: George, Chris, and Pete Holthe
ACE UWPCH CH 'PR' Victorino's Silent Thunder DNA-VIP

Dam: 'PR" Victorino's Lei Nani DNA-VIP
Updated 9/19/2005
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Jake of Thunder is another one of those special Victorino bred dogs. Jake was Pete Holthe's pick of the litter for allowing us to use his dog "Victorino's Silent Thunder" as a Stud Dog. At first Pete thought about selling Jake, after all what did he need another dog for? He already had Thunder. Although Pete thought about selling Jake, who would he sell Jake to? Who could he trust his Puppy to?
As time went by, Jake grew up and Pete started to get attached to him. Now how could he sell this dog? Simple, HE COULD' NT! Jake was now completely imbedded into the Holthe's live's.
Pete has been working hard with Jake on weight pull. He had a very good first year in the ADBA weight pull venue. On the West Coast (Canada, Washington, California) Jake of Thunder has proven to be a up and coming force to reckon with. Three times he has Tied for Most weight pulled. All three times he has lost by TIME. In one of these losses, the winning dogs owner told Pete "Your dog should have the Trophy." In all three losses, the other dog's out-weighed Jake by 15 to 25 pounds. Pete being the good sport that he is, just told him those are the rules!
Rules are Rules!

The Holthe's have a nick name for their big boy it is "Puppy Puppy"
This Big APBT lives with his Sire Victorino's Silent Thunder at the Holthe home.
The Two Boys are Spoiled Rotten
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Jake of Thunder is one of the Best Pulling Dogs we have produced!
Jake is one of a kind, a Silent Giant
Pete Holthe & Jake of Thunder,
at the Holthe's weight pull & BBQ the summer of 2003